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Travel on our Immersive Journeys

We have travelled to all the places we promote, and know the people behind the experiences. Our experiences are our best asset so we are good at evaluating if the experiences fit your requirements.

Every single traveller is different and every one of our holidays are also different. We also take deep pride in our expertise in adding ethical value to the trips, whether it is reducing the socio-economic impact of your journeys, or contributing back into the communities.

This makes for each journey with us being meaningful and memorable!

We listen to YOU, we collaborate with LOCAL experts and companies to develop the experience, value add it with ETHICAL practice based on our years and years of practical experience, and present it to you. You MOLD it to your requirements and ENJOY the experience, developed just for YOU. This is the only way one should travel. Period!


Changing the face of travel storytelling by providing local voices on their own platform. In letting the narrative be driven from within the writers’ communities, Resonate mentors new talent and gives back to these destinations. Through these genuine points of view, we’re building a community of mindful travellers who engage with and respect the places they visit. We have moved our travel inspiration section to – local voices, authentic travel inspiration. a local storytelling platform

A sustainability travel management tool

As seasoned Tour Operators working in both destination and source markets, we recognize how complicated it is to stand out in the cut-throat competition that is travel.  This is why we designed this tool – simple, affordable, and helps produce stunning itineraries with just a few clicks, has scientific costing integrated at the back-end, and focuses on sharing sustainability efforts from suppliers.

Providing tech solutions to create better-educated travellers, STOMP is the easiest, fastest way to manage trips while getting more involved in sustainable travel through transparency. Travellers can make informed choices based on Sustainability Receipts for individual trips; while small operators sell better, do scientific costing, and increase their own transparency. - A transparent travel management tool for your lead conversion
Naturen på Vestlandet
Ethical Norway

Tailor-made journeys by locals

We launched Ethical Norway with three guiding principles; ethical travel, local insights and curated experiences. Showcasing only the most inspiring and authentic adventures Norway has to offer, our knowledgeable Norwegian hosts and guides share their own slice of the country. Visitors go beyond the brochures and avoid the crowds, connecting with a place and its people.

Our local expertise is our biggest asset. Combine this with understanding of what travellers are looking for and we have a powerful combination. The result is proven high-quality service in transformational travel.


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