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Experiences in Vietnam

Journey into the picturesque South East Asian country of Vietnam. A nation rich in history, home to flavourful food and phenomenal scenery that ranges from mountains to beaches. It’s a biodiverse country with over 12,000 species of plants. The following journeys have been meticulously hand-picked based on inspiration driven from our own experiences. We can assure you, this country will leave a lasting impact. Discover the magnificent country of Vietnam with us today.

There is more to Vietnam than its famous war.  Did you know Vietnam is the World’s second-largest coffee producer after Brazil? Due to its favourable soil and climate. The Vietnamese have unique types of coffee such as a drip-style and egg coffee with condensed milk. Both deliciously served hot and cold. The diverse culture and history of Vietnam is a mixture of the effects of the French, Chinese, Japanese and American colonials. There is also a total of 54 ethnic groups scattered between its tropical forests and vibrant cities. A lot of them speak their own indigenous language!

Want to learn more? We will reveal all of our knowledge to you in our Vietnam inspirational articles and on our journeys. If you have any questions about our Vietnam journeys the best way to contact us is via social, phone, WhatsApp or email.

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