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Nepal has between 70m and the top of the world in the span of just 200 kms. In many ways, its the worlds only vertical country. It also boasts about 150 different ethnicities, making it diverse, and culturally very rich. Within the stunning canvas of jungles in the flatlands, mid-hills and mountains live one of the friendliest people on earth.

Go Local, be Active, be Immersed and be Involved in Nepal through custom tailored journeys in Nepal – whatever the focus is – adventure, culture, environment, or a combination of all three. Explore Shamanism, learn to cook local, get close and personal with Buddhism, understand fair trade – highlight after highlight after highlight – each one delivering a lifetime Experience.

Nepal is one of the destinations where we have a physical presence. One of the head honchos of the company lives there. Custom trips we develop in Nepal have been deep vetted, and can be highly tailored to requirements. Please start your journey by asking us a question, or browse through some of the experiences and travel inspiration.

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