5 Reasons Nepal is great for Trekking with Children

19 Apr

5 Reasons Nepal is great for Trekking with Children

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Trekking is often understood as being a little more arduous form of multi-day hiking. Likewise, because of this most people consider it a nono  trekking with children to travel to Nepal. However, this is not the case anymore. Why? 

Now, active holidays with families in Nepal are safe, child-friendly and have tasty food suitable for the entire family,holidays offer great learning and the sense of achievement from them will be incredible. These are just a few reasons why Nepal is the ultimate place for you and your family to trek. A leading destination for trekking with children.

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When trekking in Nepal, make sure you select the right trails! The Kali Gandaki Valley, Poon Hill Trek or the Mardi Himal Trail are the most suited to those trekking with children. As it is a very safe activity,has easy access to rescue points, comfortable trails, not that high, minimal risk of altitude sickness, quaint warm friendly villagers and tons of things to do. Moreover, one amazing reason to trek in Nepal is the phenomenal scenery and the constate foliage changes. So, it keeps it the mind alive for children and parents alike.

Check out this wonderful video from Wild Travel Story ( outlining how wonderful and safe travelling with children can be in Nepal as you follow the adventures of Maya, Cathy and David.

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Child Friendly

Everyone in Nepal from people to the guides and porters are extremely friendly and will greet your children with a warm welcome. They will ensure they have a wonderful experience in their country. Hence, why it’s certainly suitable for children. Infact, due to the countries friendliness, it may be even more inviting for children than adults. Combine that with the fact that most people on trekking trails speak some English, it makes it a smooth and easy way to connect. Of course, children need no language though!

A very good reason to come, right?


Did you know a lot of children love the Nepali fare of Dal Bhat (rice, lentils and vegetables)?  Perhaps it’s the choice and tastefulness of Nepal’s most renowned dish. Even not, there is no limit there as the variation of food options are endless on the trails, making it suitable for all! We’re talking pizza, macaroni, sandwiches which are all prepared in a unique Nepali way. Which are super rewarding after a walk! 

Likewise, if you wish you can also compliment this with a fun-filled family based cooking course. This is very beneficial as it is a strong bonding experience and provides a chance to learn a skill. Which is incredibly easy to do in Nepal.


Whilst trekking in Nepal, the contact you make is with nature, geology, landscapes and complemented by the contact with the magnificent people. Because of this, it offers a vast amount of learning making it highly stimulating for your children. This is a good reason in itself to visit.

Apart from this, your children learn about plans and since Nepal is a very steep country, the foilage keeps changing. Also, the experiences multiply from day to day adding many layers to their overall learning. Additionally, the Nepali people have very simple lifestyles, sharply contrasting frequently, adding to learning experiences of how fewer people need to survive!


An added bonus. When your children return to school they’ll find not many can boast that they have trekked in Nepal. Therefore, the sense of achievement of having done a multi-day trek in the pinnacle of trekking destinations is a lasting memory that will stay with your child forever.

If you visit it will give your children a boost in confidence that will live with them throughout their lives. This is one of the best investments you can make in their young lives.


Your Expert in Nepal

Your Nepal Expert is Raj Gyawali, one of the head honchos at Ethical Travel Portal. He will be developing your dream family holidays. Raj goes out regularly with his family and eight-year-old daughter into the mountains. Lately, he trekked to Tyangboche in the Everest Region. He uses a combination of entertainment and learning to help create an appreciation of a sense of achievement. Similarly, it also helps that his daughter loves dogs and the mountain villages have tons of them.



Suggested Treks for Families

If you’re wanting to visit Nepal with children it’s best to go into areas that are not too complicated. Which we recommend certain moderate treks to take your children on. That way the areas offer enough experiences to keep both the children and parents engaged. With this in mind, we recommend the following treks:

Mardi Himal | 6 days

The Mardi Himal trek is a six-day trek from Pokhara. At the peak of this trek, you reach an altitude of just little over 4000 metres. That’s if you wish to go all the way to the viewpoint or the basecamp. However trekking with children, if you reach the high camp (3400 metres) that is more than enough. Yet when trekking it’s not just about the final destination it’s all about the journey! On this trek along the way, you come across magical little villages, forest walks, mountain dogs, horses and mesmerising views. If you wish you can even end it with a fun homestay experience in Luang.

Jomsom Muktinath Trek | 8 days

This is one of the easiest treks out there, if you join this we fly to Jomson from Pokhara. Afterwards, we walk to Kagbeni where we put our head to rest for two days. Whilst here we absorb our surroundings and make the most by doing small hikes. The geology and the hike gradient is extremely suitable for families. Also if everyone is feeling good you can even continue to Muktinath at 3802 m but otherwise, just drop it. The big advantage of this trek is that you are walking in the deepest gorge in the world, and this trek has a convenient jeep track nearby so if anything goes wrong, you have a quick backup. You start with an epic mountain flight, and then end it with hot springs at Tatopani. Throughout this journey, the geography and the foliage also changes as you descend in altitude and so does the culture. Your children and the family as a whole with be fascinated and enticed by all the new information they learn along the way on this trek!

Everest Monastery Trek | 7 days

How about showing your child the highest mountain in the world? Take a leisurely seven-day trek into the Everest Region taking all the time you want to adjust to the altitude. As well as enough time to quickly come back if required. Your goal is to reach the monastery at Tyangboche however if you do not feel you can make it we will reroute to Khumjung or return from Namche Bazaar.

No matter where you reach, the sense of accomplishment will be fantastic for the family.

Nagarkot and Dhulikhel | 3 day

This is a great introduction to Nepal for you and your family. An easy way into trekking around Kathmandu across 3 days is the choice for you. This trek consists of four-hour walks, nice ridges, villages and a mountain top resort which tops a nice end to each day. Why not add a dash of culture into this and develop this into a nice one week journey in Nepal?

TOP TIP: Every trek is different in experience and what it offers, and its best to mold the treks to your family’s requirements. Are you ready to plan your family holiday on Nepal? Talk to us to find which one is the best fit for you!



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Trekking with children in Nepal – the contact with nature, the geology, the landscapes, complemented by the contact with the people, offers a vast amount of learning, making it very stimulating for children. This is a good reason in itself to come.

Apart from this, the children learn about plants, and since Nepal is a very steep country, the foliage keeps changing, and the experiences multiply from day to day, adding layers into the overall learning.

The Nepali people also have very simple lifestyles, sharply contrasting frequently, adding to learning experiences of how less people need to survive!

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