The Gambia

the smiling coast
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Immersion & Relaxation in The Gambia

The Gambia, a West African country with a stunning coastline full of sandy beaches, also commonly referred to as the smiling coast. It has many distinctive ecosystems and a variety of cultural experiences. This country also boasts some spectacular wildlife such as hyenas, warthogs, aardvarks, lizards, chameleons, crocodiles, hippos and chimpanzees. Likewise, the 576 species of birds in the Gambia attract many bird watchers. 

Due to its rich natural resources, its agriculturally fertile land allows for many industries such as farming, fishing and tourism. A country which tries to implement a focus on sustainable tourism and is the second global country to develop a responsible tourism policy. Did you know, that this country was the first-ever pioneering journey for Ethical Travel Portal? Similarly, one of our offices is also based here! We delve right into the heart of the Gambia from its capital Banjul as well as venturing from the west to the east on many of our journeys. On our ventures, we interact and learn first hand from Gambian locals.

Most of our journeys we immerse ourself into the local culture staying in eco-lodges by the sea. As well as getting stuck in with local communities, cultural experiences, handicraft workshops and excursions. Interested? Click on our journeys to view more about the experiences in the great Gambia!

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