The Gambia | With Passion for Natural & Cultural Heritage

Podcast Ep 06 |  hear from Lamin Bojang about his his passion for building a museum in The Gambia, its main challenge and dream for the future.
Lamin Bojang - Founder of Gunjur Museum
24 Jun

The Gambia | With Passion for Natural & Cultural Heritage

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Podcast Episode 06 With Passion for Natural & Cultural Heritage

Lamin Bojang is the Founder behind Gunjur Village Museum. A museum that focused on the natural & cultural heritage. since I met him the first time, about nine years back, I understood early on how much he wanted the museum to become a reality.

Lamin wants to make sure that the younger generation can learn about their history in the years to come. He see that the culture is slowly disappearing. Without any system of collecting and saving these important artefacts and stories, he took it up on himself to do something. The museum was born.

Protecting the Surrounding Environment


The main challenge Lamin is facing is new settlement and development in the area. With that, people are cutting down the trees and destroying the natural habitat for birds and wildlife.

To conserve some of the natural environment, The Museum is working towards acquiring the land behind the museum, which is crucial for some birds in the area. Read more about it here.

Lamin Bojang explains the natural and cultural heritage
"I have seen that our tradition and culture is declining. And something needs to be done to protect it and preserve it for the younger generations coming."
- Lamin Bojang, Founder Gunjur Village Museum

In this podcast you will hear more about

  • Lamin´s passion behind building the museum
  • The main challenge the museum is facing
  • Lamin´s dream for the museum in 2 – 3 years time
Links in the episode:

Website: Gunjur Village Museum
Facebook: Gunjur Village Musem, The Gambia


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