Podcast | Heritage Homestay in Rural Takdah with Norbu, India

Podcast Ep 05 |  hear from Normu S Lama about his heritage bungalow homestay and how rural tourism in Takdah benefits both visitors and locals.
Podcast Norbu Lama
17 Mar

Podcast | Heritage Homestay in Rural Takdah with Norbu, India

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Podcast Episode 05 Heritage Homestay in Rural Takdah with Norbu G. Lama

When I was in Darjeeling in October 2018, my friend and responsible tourism college Raj Basu from Help Tourism recommended me to visit Norbu G. Lama and his Heritage Homestay in rural Takdah, West Bengal Northeast India. It was in the search of finding experiences for Ethical Travel Portal with the combination of being located off beaten track, that gives local insights with great things to do and at the same time also give benefits the local community.

After spending three weeks in vibrant Darjeeling city, coming to Norbu´s heritage homestay in rural Takdah was like stepping into a different world. Getting away from the busy streets, sounds of the city and into the lush nature and a comfortable homestay packed with history. The experience has remained with me. It is one of those places I would like to return to and to show ethical travelers. 

Meet Norbu and Hear About Heritage Homestay and Rural Tourism in Takdah

In this podcast you will hear more about the early beginning of the rural and heritage tourism in Takdah Cantonment. This is one of the hamlets in India with most bungalows – heritage from the Royal British Army. Dating back to 1911. Fifteen of these bungalows are today converted to homstays, including Norbu´s Takdah Heritage Colonial Bungalow number 12. Beautifully located in the lush pine forest. As British Heritage, it directly connects to people who’s ancestors used to spend time in this part of India as part of the Royal British Army. 

Heritage Homestay Northeast India

We are talking about the origin of heritage tourism in this area. Connecting with people with roots from here. Developing and combining rural and heritage tourism, local people working in the tea gardens and farmers in the district has finally started to benefit from tourism. This, at the same time as  the visitors get better experiences and local insights from their hosts at the heritage homestays.

Tune in to the podcast to get to know Norbu. Hear about his involvement and engagement to Takdah and the people living there.

5 Rural Travel Experiences in Takdah India
"It is about connecting people, to where their ancestors came from."
- Norbu G. Lama, about heritage tourism

In this podcast you will hear more about

  • the origin of heritage tourism in Takdah and its roots
  • how local people working in tea gardens and farmers now also benefit from tourism
  • experiences you can do as a vistor
  • how Norbu´s set up a school 25 years ago for less fortunate people
  • we discuss the concepts of homestay
Links in the episode:

Facebook: Takdah Heritage Colonial Bungalow no. 12
Instagram: Takdah Heritage Bungalow no 12

Your host of the show is Linda Veråsdal, the founder of Ethical Travel Portal and curator of many of the journeys you can find on our website! 

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