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Lifetime Experiences in Thailand

Thailand a sensational destination for species, scenery and indigenous civilizations. Stunning sunsets reside in this country over its 127 national parks and 1430 islands. Spend time being active trekking in the forests, canoeing on the waters or even enjoying a lazy day by the beach.

Our journeys mainly occur on the Southern part of Thailand the Andaman coast, a few hours to the north of Phuket. On the Andaman coast, there are plenty of quaint villages away from mass tourism. We deliver incredible journeys here alongside our partner who first set up in Andaman as an NGO back in 2004 after the devastating Tsunami. From here they progressed into a company operating wonderful tourism experiences bridging the gap between the outside world and Thai villagers.

Most of our Thailand journeys consist of community-based experiences where you can help the local families of Andaman by undergoing homestays allowing them to sustain a living. Engaging directly with the communities allows you to gain a first-hand perspective on how the local Thai people live.

Want to learn more? We will reveal all of our knowledge to you in our Thailand inspirational articles and on our journeys. If you have any questions about our Thailand journeys the best way to contact us is via social, phone, WhatsApp or email.

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