Thailand Fast Facts

4 Nov

Thailand Fast Facts

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Thailand is a country for many types of traveller. It’s home to the tropical climates, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine and charming locals. If you’re visiting, here are some fast facts for you to know before your trip:


  • Pomelo is a unique citrus fruit known to Thailand and also known under its scientific name Citrus Grandis. Also depending on the right environment, it can grow to the size of a football!


  • This country has a royal family and it’s highly frowned upon to disrespect them. If you do, you could face legal action. Likewise, the Thai royal family also had the longest-reigning monarch in the world King Bhumibol Adulyadej who started his reign in 1946 up until he passed away in 2017. He reigned for over 70 years.


  • The head is a sacred part of the body and touching it is considered a taboo. Locals will get highly offended if even a slight scratch is made to ahead. To show respect to an older person a way of doing this is bowing your head to them.


  • Thailand is the only country in South East Asia which has never been colonised by Europe. The country formerly was named Siam and then was changed on May 11th 1949 to the kingdom of Thailand. As noted by 12go locals refer to Thailand as Prathet Thai. Which means land of the free.


  • Thailands national flower is the orchid and there are over 1300 species in Thailand. It is also the world’s largest exporter of tropical orchids.


  • Out of all the animals in the world, 10% of them live in Thailand. Likewise, Thailand is also home to the worlds smallest mammal the bumblebee bat and the largest fish, the whale shark. Also the worlds longest poisonest snake, the king cobra.


  • Siamese cats are native to Thailand. Initially, they were bred in Buddhist temples according to the culture trip. However, nowadays they are becoming indigenous within the country.


  • The Thai flag has three colours blue, white and red. Blue represents the monarchy, white represents purity, red represents nation, land and people.


  • Durian is a fruit common to Thailand and renowned for its bad smell. The smell is so putrid that the fruit is often banned from hotels, trains and public places.


  • Before each film is played in a cinema, the national anthem is played. Where everyone must stand to sing it. Since 1939 it was made illegal not to stand whilst the Thai national anthem is played.
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