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Lifetime Experiences in India

India is a mystical destination for the many types of traveller and a country which heightens all of your senses. Did you know, India was one of the first destinations to join Ethical Travel Portal? Depending on your interest explore with us India’s serene hill stations, heritage homes, community initiatives, bask in the biodiverse wildlife, get busy in bustling cities or relax on its charming coastline. The large nation has a variety of beliefs, vibrant cultures and engrossing traditions which contribute to the beautiful country which stands today. Travelling with us, you get to learn first hand from the community. We partner with locals as we believe making a positive impact on generating jobs and contributing to the local economy. We also like to have a global impact and when we can, reduce our footprint by staying in eco-friendly accommodation. Come with us and float along the river Nila in Kerala. Maybe become mindful embarking on the triangular route between Delhi, Agra to Jaipur transforming the way you travel. Hone in your hollisticness on a trek within the Indian Himalayas the home of Ayurveda in places such as Spiti or Tons Valley. Gain knowledge from local artisans such as weavers and musicians. Interested? Click on our journeys to view more about our magical Indian experiences.

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