Thailand Top Tips

4 Nov

Thailand Top Tips

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Thailand is a country for many types of traveller to visit. It’s home to the tropical climates, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine and charming locals. If you’re visiting, here are some top tips about Thailand that you may find helpful:


  • Don’t tip individuals or give presents to children. This can lead to expectations each time from children when they see visitors. The best way to reward service is by giving a donation to the local community.


  • Remove your shoes indoors. In Thailand, it is a requirement to take off your shoes before entering a house or a temple. It’s simple logic your shoes carry dirt on them, therefore they stay outside preventing dirt from coming into sacred areas. It’s easy to notice where to take shoes off as there will usually be a pile of shoes out front.


  • If you’re a westerner it’s often the case you’ll be referred to as farang which is also the word for guava in Thai. To get your attention locals may say to you farang or “you, you, you”. If you experience this, do not get offended they are just trying to be friendly and may not have the English skills to be polite.


  • Do not stick your feet out, point them at anyone, place them on walls or chairs. This is considered very rude and disrespectful to locals.


  • In villages locals eat slightly differently, they use a fork and spoon. Instead of a fork and knife. Thai’s use a fork to push food onto the spoon, then eat off the spoon. If you’re in a village don’t worry about this, eat with a fork if you’re most comfortable with that. Also, the Thai style of serving food is to place dishes in the centre and each person will have their own plate with rice on. Then from there, you serve yourself from the centre placing onto your plate.


  • Viruses such as Chikungunya and Dengue are present in Thailand. These illnesses occur by day-biting mosquitos and infection risk can be minimised by wearing clothing covering most areas of your body. Likewise using insect repellent with chemicals such as DEET in them. When possible, sleep under a mosquito net.


  • Don’t drink the tap water, it’s not safe. Diseases such as typhoid and hepatitis A can be contracted as they’re often found in the tap water. Purchase bottled water and make sure when purchasing the caps are sealed.


  • Don’t feed monkeys and be careful displaying your valuables around them. If monkeys don’t get what they want they can be quite aggressive and bite. They also carry rabies so if you get attacked by them you’re at risk of contracting rabies. Make sure you get your vaccinations.


  • Thailand has a royal family which the Thai are highly proud of. Do not disrespect them in anyway and treat anything with their images on it such as money with respect. Likewise, it’s best not to talk about royalty. If you do disrespect, you could face legal action.


  • Dress considerately. Depending on where you visit, dress respectfully. Especially at religious sights wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees.
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