The Gambia Fast Facts

26 Nov

The Gambia Fast Facts

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The Gambia a country home to a smiling coastline, jungle, talented artisans & entrepreneurs, winding rivers, wonderful wildlife and inspiring individuals. What to know more? Here are some fast facts about the magnificent country that is The Gambia:


  • The country is the smallest on the African continent, one third the size of Belgium.


  • The Gambia’s national football team is nicknamed The Scorpions.


  • English is the official language, the written language is taught at school and spoken at public offices.


  • Farming, fishing and tourism are the main income earners of the country.


  • “Progress, Peace, Prosperity” is the motto of the country.


  • Gambia’s capital Banjul is not the largest city, but Serrekunda is which is also the commercial centre of The Gambia.


  • The country borders with Senegal on three sides. The west side of the country borders with the Atlantic Ocean.


  • The country’s society is peaceful, open and tolerant. Amongst the population, 90% are Muslims,8% Christians and 2% other beliefs.


  • The Gambia is commonly referred to as the smiling coast of West Africa, due to its friendly people and the country is shaped like a smile on a world map.


  • The Gambia River itself is one of Africa’s major rivers. It stretches 1,120 kilometres (700 miles) from northwestern Guinea all the way to the Atlantic Ocean at the city of Banjul. It is navigable for about half of that length.


  • The colours of the flag symbolise different aspects. Red represents the sun; blue the River Gambia; green symbolises land; white symbolises unity and peace.


  • Euronews mention that residents cast their votes in an election by dropping marbles in holes.


  • In 1965 The Gambia gained its independence from the U.K and since has only had 3 presidents. The current president, Adama Barrow, defeated Yahya Jammeh in the December 2016 election. Jammeh first acknowledged the loss but later refused to accept which led to “state of emergency” before he finally agreed to leave the country on January 21st and flew into exile.


  • The highest point of the Gambia is Red Rock, stands at only 53 metres (174 feet) above sea level. This is located in the eastern part of the country, Wuli district almost on border to Senegal. Among the highest peaks of African countries, Red Rock is the lowest of all.





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