China Fast Facts

1 Dec

China Fast Facts

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Sichuan is home to unspoilt wild rural landscapes that stretch for miles. The perfect place to go for an adventure and to experience the traditional side of China. Here are some fascinating facts for you to learn and impress your friends, co-workers, family or travel companions with:


  • There are currently 32 million more males than females located in China.


  • The full name of the country is The People’s Republic of China.


  • China’s railway lines could loop around the earth twice.


  • The first known Homo erectus, the Pekin man was found in China. It was thought he lived between 300,000 and 550,000 as well as knowing how to control fire.


  • It’s home to the World’s largest Dam, The Three Gorges Hydroelectric Dam.


  • One in every five billion people in the world is Chinese. China’s population is four times larger than the U.S (1.4 billion).


  • The country’s climate is mainly a continental monsoon climate (Tibet: vertical climate zone)


  • The oldest civilisation in the world is considered to be the Chinese. Some historians mark 6000 BC and the world’s longest-used written language.


  • One-third of the World’s new vegetation is being planted in China.


  • Paper money was invented in China.




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