Responsible tourism study tour

14 Jun

Responsible tourism study tour

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This is a unique “behind the scenes” study trip exploring responsible tourism in The Gambia. You’ll meet passionate people involved in a range of small-scale community projects, visit their enterprises, and learn from their experiences. Throughout the trip, sustainable tourism experts will accompany you and lead your way!

Did you know? The Gambia was one of the first countries to develop a national responsible tourism policy? The founder of ETP joined a similar tour back in 2006, that was the kick-starting seed for Ethical Travel Portal!

Responsible tourism in the Gambia has developed and is constantly developing thanks to the high levels of engagement with the local people and commitment from the small-scale enterprises involved. On this unique ‘behind the scenes’ study trip, you’ll meet some of the passionate people driving this success and learn from their experiences.

This trip is ideal for students or anyone who are eager to learn more about development. We start your trip by introducing you to some of the key players in tourism in The Gambia. The days will combine “classroom” learning and field trips. We will go in-depth about what is an eco-lodge, how to execute responsible excursions and fair trade shopping, why we should use local guides and other services provided locally, community involvement (in good and bad) and the do´s and don´ts. You will also have the opportunity to meet local students.

Experience first hand what responsible tourism is really about, and how important it is for a small developing country like the Gambia, where tourism is one of their main sources of income. We can also tailor this educational trip according to your subject of interest.

Is responsible tourism in the Gambia a myth, or reality?


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