7 Reasons to Take Part in a Virtual Travel Experience

14 Jun

7 Reasons to Take Part in a Virtual Travel Experience

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What do you miss the most about travelling? Is it the scenery, the cuisine, or being introduced to new lifetime experiences? Well, all is not THAT bad due to this pandemic, as it has brought the world to our doorsteps. It’s allowed us and others to have new lifetime experiences that we’ve never had before. Yes, we’re talking about virtual travel experiences!

As long as you have an internet connection and use any device of yours, whether its a smartphone, tablet or computer, you’re good to go. Obviously, there are benefits to visiting in person, however, right now you can get your 360° travel fix to some of our ethical destinations from the comfort of your own home. They’re so effective even companies in real estate used to use them before this pandemic! Effectiveness though is not a reason alone to join, here are 7 reasons to take part in a Virtual Travel Experience:

  1. Education

You are gaining first-hand knowledge about a new place in the comfort of your own home. Likewise, you gain a new or an enhanced insight into a culture different from your own. Therefore, if you do visit that destination in the future, you will have a baseline of knowledge and can engage on a greater scale with the locals!

  1. Saves Time and Money

Arguably when we travel, we face common dilemmas such as, how long does the journey take? What mode of transport do I use? How much does it cost? Well, as you’re undergoing a virtual travel experience, the A-B option is eliminated. You don’t have a mental burden about thinking about the route, as it’s all done for you, through your screen. Virtual travel experiences also don’t burn a hole in your pocket; it’s pay what you feel.

  1. Personalization

It’s just like walking with a local when you have a virtual travel experience. The guide offering the virtual travel experience is offering you a personalized and unique experience. You will be shown around live and be told stories from a local! During our ETP virtual travel experience, you can engage with the guide by asking questions and using polls. Just because you’re behind a screen, does not stop it from being a hands-on experience. You’ll gain a deep insight into the destination, more than what you would typically find on a Google search!

  1. Accessibility 

Virtual travel experience make it accessible for people of all backgrounds and abilities. You don’t have to think of the logistics of your gender, culture, family size, disability, or anything else. This allows you to gain access to unrestricted travel irrespective of your background.

  1. Build a Connection

Before you visit the destination in physical form, You have a chance to engage and interact with your virtual guide. Your guide won’t be able to see you, however, you can ask questions and participate in their polls. Plus it gives you a good idea to what the locals are like, after all a tour guide can make or break your travel experience!

  1. Greater Preparation 

Before you travel, you often have to take into account so many considerations like weather, culture, gadgets, clothing, and so forth. Here you can find out as you go along on the virtual travel experience. Already having an insight into the country, your time is better optimized!

  1. It’s Sustainable

As you don’t have to fly there or use transport within the country to get around we are reducing our carbon footprint. More to the point you will also be supporting locals by allowing local guides to show us around, helping them keep afloat. 

From the 11th June onwards come join us at Ethical Travel Portal and travel through Norway and learn local stories surrounding Norwegian destinations! The are told by local experts who are passionate about their destination. Book your spot on one here today. 

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Green Microphone Award is annual award dedicated to tourist guides, who are sustainability communicators, unforgettable experiences creators, accelerators of sustainable development, cultural brokers, educators, and ambassadors of responsible tourism for all. They are the voice of responsible tourism. 

In year 2020 the profession of tourist guide was challenged as it has never been challenged before in the history. But there are tour guides around the globe, who are not quitters and they were not intimidated by the new normal. They were even more than before dedicated to be the voice of responsible tourism and to help local communities in challenging times. They explored new ways to share their stories, new media to educate people, new communication channels to support local producers and preserve their heritage and most of all, new ways to create meaningful connections between local communities and travellers. 

By embracing the new normal and adjusting to the change they were able to keep the essence of tourist guides profession and they showed us, that the profession of tourist guides does not depend on only tourists moving from point A to point B, but it depends on brave, smart and dedicated tourist guides, who are able to stand up and lead the way forward. 

They are the real heroes and the real voice of responsible tourism. They are the nominees for Green microphone award 2020. If you know a tourist guide who is the voice of responsible tourism, you can send your nomination on:

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