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COVID19 and Traveling to Norway

Below you find relevant links for travel in Norway. Seek out the most updated information, and if confused about it, ask us. This is what we are here for! UPDATED INFORMATION are on these links! Map showing areas of exemptions of Quarantine from Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Click here. Foreign Travellers Advice to Norway: Click here. Official Immigration Site’s Advice: Click here. Guidelines once you are in the country Here is a handy list of recommended...

7 Reasons to Take Part in a Virtual Travel Experience

What do you miss the most about travelling? Is it the scenery, the cuisine, or being introduced to new lifetime experiences? Well, all is not THAT bad due to this pandemic, as it has brought the world to our doorsteps. It’s allowed us and others to have new lifetime experiences that we’ve never had before. Yes, we’re talking about virtual travel experiences!As long as you have an internet connection and...

My first week in Bergen

Hi, my name is Norah. I am a 20-year old student from Belgium currently finishing the last year of my Event and Project Management program. I’m in the process of figuring everything out and trying to find my way in the world. To me, an internship abroad seemed like an excellent way of getting some more experience, both in work and life. That is why I am here in the...

An Enticing Six Day Norwegian Experience

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This year between March-April I travelled around Norway for six days, following a work trip to other areas of Europe. I visited Tromsø also known as the gateway to the artic and the Lofoten Islands. Which included stops in the Trollfjord, Svolvær, and Reine. Prior to my trip, I was in contact with Ingrid from Ethical Travel Portal. I couldn’t have asked for more responsiveness! I’m very detailed orientated and...

Meet Local Expert | Stig Frislid Torset, Norway

Stig is a self-employed certified local guide in Oslo who partners with Ethical Travel Portal for local walks in Norway's capital. His local knowledge is superb as he constantly contributes to creating better experiences for the travellers, in a mindful way. As a result of doing this, he gets outstanding feedback from travellers. His knowledge about history, culture and tradition is huge. His walks are also based on him providing a...

Norway Fast Facts

Norway is a serene country full of sustainability, clean air and marvellous scenery. Here are some fascinating facts for you to know and impress your friends, co-workers, family or travel companions with.   Oslo, Norway’s capital won the award for the European Green Capital of 2019. This is an award based on a capital cities contribution towards the environment. Oslo is a sustainable city and if you visit you’ll notice how...

Weather To Go Norway

Norway has a softer climate in comparison to other countries in the world which hold a similar latitude noted by VisitNorway . Likewise, depending on the location in Norway the temperature can slightly deviate. Generally, it’s the same across its coastal regions with more or less mild winters. However inland parts of Norway have colder winters with plenty of snow and also experience hot dry summers.   The seasons in Norway are...

Oslo | Airport to the City

Don't worry about finding transport from Oslo airport. Upon collecting your luggage your departure from the airport to the city can be swift and conducted with a fair amount of ease. As there are several methods of transport you can take such as the train, coach or taxi. No matter whatever journey you take you will be graced by the stunning scenery welcoming you into Oslo. Below are details on...

Slow travel in Norway

Norway is an excellent country made for slow travel. The country is lengthy yet also tiny and has been given a specific name due to its position on the world map. It became "The way to the North" which today has become the ideal holiday destination when you want the holiday to be the journey itself. A magnificent country worth of visiting to check off your bucket list.  Especially if...

Bridges made by locals to cross the lakes

Hiking to Trolltunga in Norway

Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular rock formations in Norway. [mkdf_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""]Its name translates into the Troll's tongue. Local legends say the name was acquired from a smug troll. Who believed he wouldn't turn into stone when the sun shined on him. He attempted by sticking his tongue out and then got turned into stone. Hence, why Trolltunga looks like a...