An Enticing Six Day Norwegian Experience

15 Dec

An Enticing Six Day Norwegian Experience

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This year between March-April I travelled around Norway for six days, following a work trip to other areas of Europe. I visited Tromsø also known as the gateway to the artic and the Lofoten Islands. Which included stops in the Trollfjord, Svolvær, and Reine. Prior to my trip, I was in contact with Ingrid from Ethical Travel Portal. I couldn’t have asked for more responsiveness! I’m very detailed orientated and she always provided me with all the information I requested as we planned the specifics of each day.

First on my itinerary was Tromsø where I was to chase the Northern lights! A word for anyone looking for the Northern lights. I found it to be much more about luck with the weather than it was about going on the northern lights chase tours. If you’re up for driving to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night to try for clear skies go for it, but the longer your trip, the less necessary it probably is.

Next, I rode a cable car showcasing stunning views of the mountains and fjords my breath was completely taken away! After the scenic cable car journey, I then went dog sledding allowing me to admire the scenery even more and the gorgeous obedient huskies! That evening I went spent the night on the Hurtigruten ship. I really enjoyed hanging out there for most of a day after running around for so long beforehand. I also visited Svolvær and Reine before departing.

Overall, it was a phenomenal trip and I certainly had a rich experience. What I would like to state is the Lofoten area at the end of March had perhaps the most finicky weather I’ve ever seen. If you plan to travel then, be ready with appropriate clothing and gear. Expect to have some activities cancelled or moved and try to go with the flow. I found the drive down the islands on my own with no schedule to be one of the best parts. Though do your best to avoid a one-way car rental as they are very expensive.


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