COVID19 and Traveling to Norway

17 Jul

COVID19 and Traveling to Norway

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Below you find relevant links for travel in Norway. Seek out the most updated information, and if confused about it, ask us. This is what we are here for!

UPDATED INFORMATION are on these links!

Map showing areas of exemptions of Quarantine from Norwegian Institute of Public Health: Click here.

Foreign Travellers Advice to Norway: Click here

Official Immigration Site’s Advice: Click here.

Guidelines once you are in the country

Here is a handy list of recommended guidelines that are current:

  • Break the Chain – Covid19 spreads mainly from person to person and required an infected person, the virus coming out of the person, transferring to a susceptible person, through a medium (air, surfaces, or contact), entry into the susceptible person via the nose, mouth or eyes and then the immunity to be low enough for it to take hold. All it takes to control it is to break the chain. During travel this means
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and lukewarm water
  • Sanitize your hands with an alcohol based disinfectant if soap and water is not available
  • Keep a distance of at least one meter between people. Mask up if you are close
  • Follow cough etiquette
  • Be on alert for fever, cough, shortness of breath or even loss of smell or taste.
  • If you are sick, or think you are sick, isolate yourself! If you start feeling worse, get tested!
  • While traveling within the country, try to stick to your own group of travellers. Camping, farm holidays, adventure holidays, swimming in fresh water or sea, are all fine – as long as you practice the Break the Chain etiquette. Stay away from crowds.

TESTS or ADVICE – call HOTLINES 116 or 117 or 0047 815 55 015


  1. Be careful during public transport – try to maintain some distance, mask up, frequently sanitize hands
  2. Stick to your group as far as possible
  3. Try not to go to too many different locations. We recommend holidays that stay longer in location.
  4. Go remote. We have space in Norway, visit places less crowded
  5. Respect communities wherever you go. They have equal right to protection from infection. Do not put them at risk. Break the Chain.
  6. Constantly get yourself updated – the situation keeps changing. Norway is great at doing that online. Ask us if required.
  7. Stock up on soap. Thats your best protection.

Read the advice on How to prevent transmission here!

Click here for Norway travel itineraries and travel inspirations.


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