Oslo | Airport to the City

Destination Oslo - Getting from the airport to the city center
6 Aug

Oslo | Airport to the City

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Don’t worry about finding transport from Oslo airport. Upon collecting your luggage your departure from the airport to the city can be swift and conducted with a fair amount of ease. As there are several methods of transport you can take such as the train, coach or taxi. No matter whatever journey you take you will be graced by the stunning scenery welcoming you into Oslo. Below are details on how to use the different forms of transport to get to your required destination:

45 km  | 19 – 50 min
Train, Coach or Taxi

It is easy to make your way from Oslo airport to the city centre. The 45 km transport distance can be traversed by express train, local train, coach or taxi.

TOP TIP: Choose the VY local train. It only takes a minute more than the Express train, and it’s more economical.

Airport to CityWhen you are through customs, take to the right in the arrival hall and you will see the train station, right in the airport. Here you will find both NSB Local train and Airport Express Train (Flytoget). Make sure you buy the right ticket – from the Flytoget ticket machine or the NSB machine.

Airport to City0530 – 0050 hrs. Departs every 10 minutes.
190 NOK (c. $25) adult and 95 NOK(c. $12) seniors
19 – 22 minutes

Airport to City0513 – 2343 hrs. About three departures every hour.
101 NOK (c. $14) adult and 51 NOK(c. $7) seniors
23 minutes

Airport to CityBY BUS OR TAXI
When you are through customs, walk straight out the exit doors and look for the sign for the coaches to the City Terminal and some hotels. Taxis for transport can also be hired right here.

Airport to City0305, 0405, 0505hrs and every half hour till 2235. Then 2325 and 0015hrs.
169 NOK (c. $22) adult and 95 NOK(c. $12) seniors
50 minutes

Taxis to the city charge from 800 NOK (c. $100) one way and take about 40 minutes.


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