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7 Reasons to Take Part in a Virtual Travel Experience

What do you miss the most about travelling? Is it the scenery, the cuisine, or being introduced to new lifetime experiences? Well, all is not THAT bad due to this pandemic, as it has brought the world to our doorsteps. It’s allowed us and others to have new lifetime experiences that we’ve never had before. Yes, we’re talking about virtual travel experiences!As long as you have an internet connection and...

The Working Nepali Tour

Do you like going off the beaten track? Away from the standard tourist route? Are you ready to discover some hidden spots of the Kathmandu Valley? This trip takes you to unfrequented places to meet kind-hearted locals on the only day off of the working week in Nepal, Saturday. I ( Tiphaine Texier) was lucky to be a part of the wonderful experience to see how lifestyle changes in the suburban...