10 reasons why you should go on a cycling holiday

19 Apr

10 reasons why you should go on a cycling holiday

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When growing up, one of the first and most valuable gifts I got was a red pushbike. The neighbouring kids and I pushed our cherished bicycles ten metres up the hill. Just so we could fly down at rapid speed! We did this over and over again. It was never a dull moment. By the time we children became what we deemed “cycling experts”, we were cycling everywhere!

Now, when I travel I try to include at least one cycling trip. It enriches and the holiday. How?

Well, here are ten epic reasons why you should go on a cycling holiday:

1.  You can completely go off the beaten track (to places where a car can’t take you!

Travelling by bike, you can visit fascinating places that you would have never topped at or even passed by in a vehicle. Likewise, you can test out interesting turn offs and trails that are not suited for cars. You may not reach as far in terms of distance. But, so what? A holiday shouldn’t be about counting kilometres in vehicles but collecting experiences. 

2.  Shwung-Shwung-Shwung

Don’t you just love the sound? Just to note, this is not exactly how it sounds all of the time. However, the sound of the wheels going around and around whilst the fresh wind blowing in your face gives you a sense of freedom.

3.  Namaste People!

It is much easier to interact and engage with the local people when you’re on a cycling holiday. As you can experience the local culture from agriculture to everyday life. Greet people as you pass and when you do break do not be surprised if locals come over for a chat.

4.  Active Holiday-  It keeps you fit- whilst on an adventure!

No one will deny that a cycling holiday is an active holiday! However, you don’t really need to be super fit. The trip can easily be tailor-made to your fitness level. Moreover, it feels great to involve and use your body when you’re on holiday,

5. Tea-time? 

Whilst cycling if you see any place that suit your interests, you have the freedom to stop! It does not need to be pre-organised. When you see an intriguing place, you can stop. It doesn’t need to be pre-organised. When you spot the perfect place for either a rest or some refreshment, simply leap off your bike and take your time! Have a drink of tea, coffee or enjoy a local snack!

6. After going up – it is going down…

I know, after all that hard climbing- you get to enjoy the going down bit! Feel the breeze, smile and enjoy the scenery passing by! How rewarding is that?

(PS – there are of course cycling routes that don’t include climbing!)

7. Adrenaline- Yeah, you know, that rush!

Are you seeking some adrenaline? You most definitely will get your adrenaline kick from a cycling trip. Do keep in mind though, we are all different! When you cycle, tell your guide your level of experience. Also, inform him/her your “level of adrenaline”!

8. Environmentally Friendly

As opposed to travelling around in a vehicle whilst on holiday whilst cycling your carbon footprint is limited! Be kind and gentle towards nature which leads us to number nine!

9. Experience The Nature

Get off the heavy traffic route and experience nature. Smell the freshness, listen to the leaves that sing along with the wind. Also, witness all the natural beauty surrounding you. Remember to leave nature as you found it.

10.Tailor-made your cycling trip to fit your level and expectations!

It’s entirely up to you for how long you want to bike. Only half a day or multiple days? Cycle from place to place or stay at gorgeous resorts and use them as a base? It’s up to you!

Most likely, there are many other reasons to go on a cycling trip. These are just a few!


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