China Top Tips

1 Dec

China Top Tips

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Sichuan is home to unspoilt wild rural landscapes that stretch for miles. The perfect place to go for an adventure and to experience the traditional side of China. You’re probably wanting to know how to optimise your time in there amongst all of its amazing attributes? Well, here are some useful top tips to aid your experience:


  • Purchase and download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) prior to travelling. In China, most of the main western social media channels are blocked. There if you want to stay connected all the time and in touch with people back home, we recommend you purchase a VPN in advance as they are blocked in China.


  • Most restaurants don’t have an English menu. The best ones are to look at restaurants that have pictures on the menu. Similarly, if you’re using a picture menu try not to point at the image until you are sure on what to order.


  • Have the address of your accommodation written in Chinese. Taxis in China are cheap however many of the drivers cannot speak English. Therefore we highly recommend you keep a copy of this address so you can present it to them.


  • Carry your own toilet paper with you. When travelling in China you’ll discover it’s rather rare to find toilet roll in them and also bring hand sanitizer.


  • When booking tickets in China for travel, always bring your passport. The vast part of China requires you to have your passport on you at most times to prove your identity.


  • Do not tip! In China, it’s seen as an impolite and rude gesture to tip.


  • Become acquainted with chopsticks before your trip to China. Apart from fancy hotels or restaurants, it’ll be difficult to find western silverware. Also when eating rice, do not leave your chopsticks standing upright in the rice as it’s taboo.


  • Only drink bottled or boiled water as tap water is not drinkable.


  • Purchase a local Chinese SIM Card they’re very affordable and can get from most places. The main carriers are China Telecom and China Unicorn.


  • Do not point at people as it’s considered rude. When hailing for a waiter or a cab do not snap your fingers or whistle. Instead, stick your arm straight out with palm down and flap your hands up and down. This is considered the polite way.





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