Romania Top Tips

30 Nov

Romania Top Tips

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Romania flaunts some stunning scenery, preserves a rich history, tasty food and interesting nomadic culture. Here are some top tips to guide you around Romania:


  • The best way to explore the “Romanian soul” is to stay, eat and walk-in rural areas from mountain villages.


  • Using a local guide in Romania has some major benefits. The most important one is that a local guide connects you with the people. Romanians are very open and welcoming. The older generation do not speak much English however they are always outdoors chatting and curious about new visitors. A guide helps bridge the gap between you and the natives. Also having a guide you get to encounter local experiences such as local markets, non-tourist parts of the cities, local Romanian handicrafts, craft bears and so forth.


  • The best way to travel around Romania is like a local surrounded by nature and via train. The train has some amazing scenic views and often works out cheaper too.


  • Local restaurants and pubs are among the cheapest in Europe and offer tasteful local specialities. To find out the best options and recommendations check in with the locals.


  • Whilst Romania is in the European Union, to get around you must use its official currency the Leu to pay for products or services.


  • Tap water in Romania is usually safe to consume. However, when in mountain areas take caution of the water you consume. Ask a local.


  • Tipping in Romania is often common and mostly expected.


  • When looking at museums and tourist attractions check the local visiting hours prior to visiting. Sometimes they’re open from Tuesday-Sunday.


  • Make sure you travel with insurance and if you’re European your EHIC card.


  • Take your time! Romania is much more than Dracula. It is a country of diversity, from the Carpathian Mountain range to the rolling Apuseni Mountain hills, old Maramures with its wooden house structures, the cities and rural villages which one is prettier than the other. Make sure you have a good variety on your journey and take your time!




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