Folk Music with Ioan Pop from Maramures in Romania

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Folk Music with Ioan Pop from Maramures in Romania

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December 05, 2013

Whilst we were in Maramures the North-Western part of Romania we met the incredible Ioan Pop. Ioan is a resident to an area with many villages home to century-old traditions. Maramures has a fascinating rural culture preserving the crafts and skills from their Dacian ancestors.

After meeting Ioan we discovered that his name is associated with the captivating authentic Romanian folklore. Later we stayed at the guesthouse belonging to Ioan’s and his wife in their small rural village. Including the guesthouse, most properties were made of traditionally carved wood. Simply by looking at them, you could tell they were architectural masterpieces from the past! Villagers often call their home a museum-house, as these constructions are not being built anymore.

From childhood, Ioan pop learned to play musical instruments such as the shepherd’s pipe, fiddle, guitar and drum. Through his musical experience, he developed a musical talent allowing him to play at different functions, mostly for his own pleasure but also to save money to finish his high school. Due to this, he has become a well-known musician, not only in Romania however everywhere else in the world. Whilst at the house, we were lucky to witness him and his band play incredible folk music organised especially for our visit. I mean very lucky, as they often tour quite a bit.

As Maramures undergoes a modernisation process, including the music, loan believes in finding ways to blend the old and new. Keeping the traditions alive and at the same time providing more spaces for new styles coming up. Pop also believes that rural tourism can benefit from such a blend.

Listen to him and his group playing on the link to the left.


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