Weather To Go Gambia

3 Sep

Weather To Go Gambia

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The Gambia boasts a subtropical climate and throughout the year the country is filled with plentiful of sun. It’s also been noted that throughout the year the temperatures average between 29-34 degrees Celsius. There are also two clear seasons which are the dry and wet season. It’s noted that the wet season runs from July- September and the dry season runs from October-June.


Wet Season

 July: During this month the beginning of gorgeous greenery will start to fill the Gambia. The showers are light and the weather is warm. Likewise, there is still lots of sun around 6 hours per day with a temperature average of 24 degrees Celsius and coastal areas with an average of 30 degrees Celsius. Pack a light raincoat alongside your summer clothes.


August: According to August is the coolest month of the year in The Gambia. Likewise, it’s the wettest and humid month. Similarly the temperature averages 29 degrees Celsius.


September: A humid month with temperature averaging around a high of 31 degrees Celsius. Also on an evening when it gets dark the temperature drops down to 22 degrees Celsius. There are short rain showers and also a large amount of sun estimated around eight hours per day during the month of September.


Dry Season

October: This is the first month of the dry season and there is a decreased amount of rain showers. About an average of 8 hours worth of sun and an average temperature of 28-32 degrees Celsius.


November: This is a hot and sun-filled month with average temperatues of 20 degrees Celsius across the country. However, towards coastal areas, the average temperature can rise to 28 degrees Celsius. During this month only a little bit of rainfall may occur.


December: Humidity is more tolerable during this month and roughly around 9 hours of sunshine occurs each day. The temperatures hit around 31 degrees Celsius but may decrease on a cooler day to 27 degrees Celsius. On a night it can drop to 19 Degrees Celsius.


January: Temperatures in January on average range from 26-32 degrees Celsius in the day time. Then on an evening, it can drop down to 18 degrees. Therefore bring your sun cream and light clothes to keep you warm from the cooler weather on an evening.


February: This month up until May will see the longest hours of sun in the Gambia averaging 10 hours per day. The average day time weather 25-32 degrees Celsius. Also on an evening, it can drop down to 19 degrees Celsius on an evening.

March: This is the hottest month of the year with daytime temperatures averaging 34 degrees Celsius. Similarly, there’s 10 hours worth of sunshine per day.


April: During this month temperatures in the Gambia reach around 25-31 degrees Celsius. On an evening, it can drop down to 19 degrees Celsius. There is hardly much rain during this month.


May: Temperatures in this month range between 26-32 degrees Celsius. Similarly around 10 hours of sunshine averages per day. On night time, its estimated temperatures drop down to 21 degrees Celsius.


June: This is the last month before the wet season occurs and sometimes an odd shower occurs in the middle of the month. The average daytime temperature is around 23 degrees and drops down on a night to 20 degrees Celsius.


We advise to also to check the weather forecast prior to your travel as then you will have a good estimate of temperatures and the type of weather that will occur.

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