Weather To Go Ukraine

3 Sep

Weather To Go Ukraine

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Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is the second-largest country in Europe. It’s home to the Carpathian and Crimean mountains. As well as being surrounded by the black sea, sea of Azov and luscious green plains in its centre. Due to its geographical location, it’s home to continental climates. In Ukraine, there’s four distinct seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn.


Winter: December-February

This season in Ukraine can be known to be very cold with temperatures reaching below freezing levels from 0 down to -20 degrees Celsius! If you like snow, it’s a good time to visit as there is tons of it! There is somewhat a little rainfall if you’re a fan of rain, mountain regions have plenty! Temperatures can differ depending on the location of the country. The southern part of Ukraine has temperatures which are slightly warmer. This is a good time to visit Ukraine to skii in the Carpathian mountains, bathe in outdoor thermal spas and to see the Christmas lights of Kyiv.


Spring: March-May

The snow starts to melt and multiple streams of water begin to form as a result of this. However, at the beginning of the season, small bouts of frost may occur. Throughout the month of spring, the temperatures can range from -4 to 22 degrees Celsius. As the temperature increases so does the amount of exposure to the sun. Generally, from April onwards the weather gets warmer setting a base foundation for the climate for the upcoming summer in Ukraine. Witness the beautiful blossoming of flowers spring to life. Hike to Buky canyon, visiting Dzhuryn Waterfall or visit Seymsky Reserve to see wild bison in the ideal temperature.


Summer: June-August

Hot weather fills the country in this season with temperatures ranging from 25-30 degrees Celsius. If you like the sun, the South of Ukraine experiences the most. Especially cities like Odessa. Where you can spend time doing water activities basking in the sun or taking a dip in the black sea. The North tends to be slightly cooler.


Autumn: September-November

A lot of rainfall occurs in Ukraine during this Autumn mainly in October and November. The temperatures range from 6-20 degrees Celsius. September still sees a lot of sun and the North generally tends to be a lot cooler. As thye season progresses sometimes the odd snowfall can occur in October in preparation for the winter months. The leaves represent a stunning range of orange and red tones It’s alos worth visiting public parks during the Autumn.


We advise to also to check the weather forecast prior to your travel as then you will have a good estimate of temperatures and the type of weather that will occur.

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