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An Insight into the Ukranian Folk Dance of Hopak

A particular unique reason to visit Ukraine is to observe its magnificent ancient folk dance known as ‘Hopak’. Its name comes from the Ukrainian verb hopaty which means ‘to leap and stamp feet’. What’s special about Hopak is that it’s only performed by males and has been done so since the 16th Century.   Its birth occurred around the 16th Century as Ukraine underwent a long struggle to gain independence against the...

The Carpathians in Ukraine- where traditions are still alive

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Miriam Jøms reports: I’m from Norway and used to the mountains, that’s one of the things my country is well off with. Still, I was excited to visit “the mountains” in Ukraine, namely the Carpathians. The journey from Lviv by train was less than four hours and I immediately fell asleep with my back towards the two young girls who were travelling in the same compartment.  I thought they maybe...

Lviv- a place you want to stay longer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lviv made me start dreaming. About the past, present and the future. After some days in Kiev was I delighted to finally find a smaller city, where you actually are able to get around on your own feet. The best way to get to Lviv from Kiev is by train, either an overnight journey, as I did, or do express during the daytime. It takes around six hours. I was...

A Small Taste of Ukraine

I am embarrassed to say that I hardly knew anything about Europe's second-biggest country Ukraine before I went there at the end of September. Ethical Travel Portal’s goal is to create a journey for our travellers that are somewhat different and this one was certainly an experience!   I started to work for Ethical Travel Portal this summer and was excited to get the opportunity to experience Ukraine. Part of this trip was...

Weather To Go Ukraine

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is the second-largest country in Europe. It’s home to the Carpathian and Crimean mountains. As well as being surrounded by the black sea, sea of Azov and luscious green plains in its centre. Due to its geographical location, it’s home to continental climates. In Ukraine, there’s four distinct seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn.   Winter: December-February This season in Ukraine can be known to be...

Do I Need A Visa Ukraine

Depending on your nationality you may or may not require a visa to enter Ukraine.   Visiting Ukraine without a visa?   If you’re from any of the following countries you can enter Ukraine without a visa and are entitled to indefinite stay. They are the following:   Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Moldova Uzbekistan   Likewise, 65 citizens of certain countries can enter Ukraine for up to 90 days stay without a visa. To find out if...

Ukraine Top Tips

Ukraine has a huge terrority full of greenlands, forests, mountains, rivers, cosy villages intriguing architecture and kind-hearted people. You’re probably wanting to know how to optimise your time in Ukraine amongst all of its amazing attributes? Well, here are some useful top tips to boost your experience: 1) In rural areas, tips are not common. However, restaurants and cafes do expect a 10% tip. If you offer villagers a tip, some...

Ukraine Fast Facts

Ukraine has a huge terrority full of greenlands, forests, mountains, rivers, cosy villages intriguing architecture and kind-hearted people. Here are some fascinating facts for you to learn and impress your friends, co-workers, family or travel companions with. The kind of facts you may not expect about Ukraine, for when you decide to finally head East. 1) Excluding Russia, Ukraine is the largest European country. Russia technically falls more into the Asian...