Ukraine Fast Facts

29 Nov

Ukraine Fast Facts

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Ukraine has a huge terrority full of greenlands, forests, mountains, rivers, cosy villages intriguing architecture and kind-hearted people. Here are some fascinating facts for you to learn and impress your friends, co-workers, family or travel companions with. The kind of facts you may not expect about Ukraine, for when you decide to finally head East.

1) Excluding Russia, Ukraine is the largest European country. Russia technically falls more into the Asian continent as opposed to Europe. Which makes Ukraine larger any other European country- France, Germany or Spain. To cross the country from east to west it takes more than 24 hours. Similarly, the distance between its further points is a bit further than the distance between Budapest and Paris.

2) A traditional dish to Ukraine is borscht, and varenyky (which in English is referred to as dumplings or pierogies). Borscht is a hearty soup, most efficiently cooked in a traditional oven. It consists of beetroot, cabbage, potatoes, beans and other vegetables. It’s often paired with a dollop of sour cream and steaming garlic bun. Likewise, varenyky are made of potatoes, cabbage, buckwheat, cheese, cherries or blueberries.

3) In the Carpathian Mountains, you have the opportunity to witness the magnificent culture of Hutsuls. This group are inhabitants of the Carpathians. Today they still keep their distinct language dialect, traditions, clothes and handcraft. To get the best of the Carpathian mountains don’t follow the regular tourist routes, go off the beaten track. You can do this by visiting the villages of Kosmach, Sheshory or Dzembronia.

4) Ukraine spans across three distinct weather zones. In the north, it’s mainly colder and wetter. Yet consisting of flora filled marshes and lush forests. Whereas in the south are the hot steppes featuring incredible horizons. Making up the horizons are large rivers, big lakes and the magnificent Carpathian Mountains. Similarly, in the western part, there are an intriguing collection of caves and coastlines. In particular the world’s longest gypsum cave ‘Optimistychna’ which is 216km in length and 20km deep. The coastline is over 2700 square km which covers two seas (Black and Azov).

5) The history of the country dates back to the Roman era and has a great deal of its own historical ‘jewels’ to display.

6) Ukraine is a former Soviet bloc country which houses all the good and bad from its Soviet history. The eastern part of Ukraine has cities which are typically industrial, with Stalin-time architecture, large city squares and impressive avenues. Similarly, if you want to gain a feel of what it was like living in the communist time, Ukraine can provide that. Simply visit the largest city square in Kharkiv, Dnipro Hydrolic Station in Dnipro city, Motherland Statue and world’s deepest metro station Arsenalna in Kyiv.

8) The rural lifestyle in Ukraine is very much unchanged, in particular, the most remote areas of the country. Each rural family normally has a farmstead, livestock and a field with vegetables. Taste delicious, fresh and as-organic-as-it-gets assortment of home-grown vegetables and fruits.

9) The country is developing at a fast pace with cities having a creative lively art and culture scene. A particular up and coming spot in Kyiv which has unusual cafes, hipster neighbourhoods, creative hubs, quirky festivals and a vibrant modern lifestyle.


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