The Gambia Top Tips

26 Nov

The Gambia Top Tips

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The Gambia a country home to a smiling coastline, jungle, talented artisans & entrepreneurs, winding rivers, wonderful wildlife and inspiring individuals. You’re probably wanting to know how to optimise your time in The Gambia amongst all of its amazing attributes? Well, here are some useful top tips to boost your experience:


  • Make sure you taste traditional Gambian dishes such as Domada, Benechin and Jaza.


  • Get to know the term GMT which means Gambia Maybe Time, get tuned in and enjoy the ambience.


  • When visiting get on the mighty river Gambia.


  • If you happen to be in The Gambia on the first Saturday of every month, visit the Good Market. Which exhibits locally produced artefacts.


  • When in The Gambia do your money exchange, not before arrival. Outside the country, you do not get as good as a conversion rate as you do once in.


  • We recommend you travel during April and May as it’s a beautiful warm climate. It is also shoulder season and there are fewer travellers.


  • Spend your money wisely and don’t let it go wasted in bargaining, enquire where the products are made and what it’s made out of.


  • The Gambia does not have a good waste management system and recycling centre. Which means, whatever you throw will eventually be landfill and will end up in the sea generating further pollution. Be mindful about the waste you make and try to minimise as much as possible.


  • To avoid gaining a large phone bill, get a Gambian sim from one of the street sellers. No registration needed, it’s easy to get set up and started.


  • If you feel like donating or supporting The Gambia alongside your travel, do you research and find a good local organisation which supports the local community. Don’t give cash out in your hand directly, especially to the kids.





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