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Pulse on NEPAL | Covid-19 Safe Mountains

October is normally the kick start of the trekking season in Nepal. But this year the Nepali Mountains have been quiet from trekkers for the past eight months. Even though the government is opening up for visitors, this season will be different. The trekkers that will find their way up to these beautiful mountains, will be few. And, how prepared are the villages and guesthouses for a covid-19 safe (as...

Bring Nepal to your Kitchen and Make Puri Takari

Puri Takari is commonly ate in Nepal for breakfast, as a snack and also at special rituals. It's a go-to food for many locals and vegetarian. They are perfect for any time of the year and great to make in your home.  Go on, let's bring a favourite of the Nepalese locals and make Puri Takari in your home, here is a recipe:  Ingredients: Whole wheat flour x 3 cups Cooking oil ...

The Working Nepali Tour

Do you like going off the beaten track? Away from the standard tourist route? Are you ready to discover some hidden spots of the Kathmandu Valley? This trip takes you to unfrequented places to meet kind-hearted locals on the only day off of the working week in Nepal, Saturday. I ( Tiphaine Texier) was lucky to be a part of the wonderful experience to see how lifestyle changes in the suburban...

5 Reasons Nepal is great for Trekking with Children

Trekking is often understood as being a little more arduous form of multi-day hiking. Likewise, because of this most people consider it a nono  trekking with children to travel to Nepal. However, this is not the case anymore. Why?  Now, active holidays with families in Nepal are safe, child-friendly and have tasty food suitable for the entire family,holidays offer great learning and the sense of achievement from them will be incredible....

Learn to PACK LIGHT!

Prior to travelling mountainous countries, you must know how and be able to pack wisely as well as lightly. Likewise, no matter how frugal you are with packing your stuff about 30% of the items you pack you will most likely only use and then return. We can guarantee you! Where do I start?  Begin by selecting two bags. First, a 30/40L day pack and 60/70L rucksack. Before packing make sure that...

Yoga in the Mountains – A Photostory

Yoga was born within the countries that hold the enchanting Himalayas. But where is one of the best places to practice yoga? Well, one of the most leading places if the country of Nepal. Nepal is home to some of its incredible mountain ranges such as Everest, Kangchenjunga, Manasalu, Ama Dablam and many others. Not only this but the nation has a beautiful culture, rich traditions, tasty food and exceedingly...


#EthicalNepal | Ropain – A Day for Celebration of Rice

A visit to Nepal in monsoon season is a must. Especially for the Ropain festival which you can attend via Socialtours. You're probably thinking what is Ropain? Well, it's a rice planting festival which signals the start of the planting of this crop. Farmers across Nepal come together happily to plant rice to supply to the rest of Nepal. Eager and enthusiastic tourists come together to help out and join...

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kora17 | Kathmandu Kora & Bungamati Trails

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Story behind Bungamati Trails [caption id="attachment_5413" align="alignleft" width="257"] Prem Bhakta Maharjan, chairman of Bungamati Area Reconstruction and Development Council inaugurating #KtmKora2017 by giving flag off![/caption] During 2017, Socialtours were actively engaged in a meeting held by Prem Bhakta Maharjan, Chairman of the Bungamati Area Reconstruction and Development Council. The Bungamati area is one of the traditional and most beautiful villages of Kathmandu. However, during the earthquake that hit during 2015 caused many...

Nepal Weather To Go

Nepal is home to five seasons winter, spring, summer, monsoon and autumn. Each season has amazing benefits to travel in. Read on for insights into the temperature estimates and what activities are best suited according to each season.   Winter: December, January and early February. Pack a fair amount layers for as it can get very cold in some regions! On average the temperatures can range from 3-20 degrees Celsius in Kathmandu. Generally,...

Nepal Top Tips

Nepal is a delightful country, providing gorgeous scenery, an enchanting history, charming locals, a rich culture, also a vast diversity of religions and ethnic groups living in harmony. You’re probably wanting to know how to optimise your time in Nepal amongst all of its amazing attributes? Well, here are some useful Nepal top tips to aid your experience:     Don’t drink the tap water, it’s not safe! The majority of the...