kora17 | Kathmandu Kora & Bungamati Trails

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18 Apr

kora17 | Kathmandu Kora & Bungamati Trails

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Story behind Bungamati Trails

Prem Bhakta Maharjan, chairman of Bungamati Area Reconstruction and Development Council inaugurating #KtmKora2017 by giving flag off!

Prem Bhakta Maharjan, chairman of Bungamati Area Reconstruction and Development Council inaugurating #KtmKora2017 by giving flag off!

During 2017, Socialtours were actively engaged in a meeting held by Prem Bhakta Maharjan, Chairman of the Bungamati Area Reconstruction and Development Council. The Bungamati area is one of the traditional and most beautiful villages of Kathmandu. However, during the earthquake that hit during 2015 caused many spectacular buildings and temples to collapse.

Due to this, an idea came about of the Bungamati Trails. Which were an initiative and a cause for something that cyclists should support during the Kora. Promoted by cyclists for cycling- to prove that a branded cycling destination is possible in Nepal.

A model was formed to support reconstruction through cycling tourism- rebuilding with pride! Therefore, at the meeting Socialtours attended, the chairman Prem Maharjan graciously coordinated and established a nine-member committee. Who, launched the Bungamati Trails Initiative.

Which was led by the local youths to make this happen.

History of Kathmandu Kora

This cycling challenge began in 2011 with a mere 35 riders and today it unifies over 2000 riders each year to ride the epic loops (kora) of Kathmandu Valley. Those loops range from 50kms, 75kms and 100km. Each loop is tailored to a certain rider’s ability.

50km– A fun-filled loop for all types of riders from beginners to experts.

75km–  This loop is for more serious and advanced riders, who are rather knowledgeable about cycling.

100km– Only for pro’s this ride as it has an extremely high climb.

Kora is is a thrilling personal riding challenge for cyclists which allows 100 NPR to be raised for each kilometre cycled. Throughout the years this event has raised over 45 lakhs which has contributed to upgrading and improving health facilities. Which has contributed to building new ones and in education.

During 2017 our aim was to assist and help the Bungamati Trails Initiative which was the first ever effort in Nepal to professionally organise and manage a cycling destination. Which now serves as an example for other similar destinations. This annual event is organised by Socialtours and co-organised by Cycle City Network Nepal. As well as supported by a host of private, public organisations and individuals.

Snippets of Kora ’17

Krishna Bhattari, registered for the 75 km category but changed his mind and rode a 50km shares his experiences below through the following video:

Kora '17Even though I registered for 75 km catagory I changed my mind to ride 50km ride. So this is a Glimpse from 50km ride.Thank you everyone whosoever is associated with this event.#kora2017

Posted by Krishna Bhattarai on Saturday, July 15, 2017

#kora17 riders celebrating the completion of their personal challenge of 50k, 75k and 100k ride on last Saturday, July the 15th. click through the photos below.

Source: Social Tours

And if you wanted to know how a 100km ride looked like, this is precisely how it looks like:

Kora also witnessed a 65 year old doing the 75K and wasn’t the oldest, as James took that throne with 73 years… but inspirational nevertheless. We hope a lot of riders will keep riding till that age!

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