The Ultimate Trip Following Norway’s Viking Heritage

Relive history by retracing the footsteps of a mighty Viking King, whilst discovering how a country of travellers (Vikings) made Norway one of the most desired and habitable countries on earth.

The Ultimate Trip Following Norway’s Viking Heritage

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History makes us wiser and so does travel. Can you name a victorious archaic Nordic group that were known for their sense of adventure?

Ok, we’ll tell you. It was the vicious Vikings!

Their persistent drive to travel and learn has helped mould the present culture of Norway. Today, through Ethicaltravelportal you can explore the mesmerising modern life in Norway and retrace Viking routes through their history, nature and culinary adventures. We create memories tailored to your needs, aiming to create the ultimate trail.

Do you agree that except for plundering, the Vikings sought what we now seek from travel?

Many groups of Vikings (Vikinger) would often flee from isolated places to another and would create a reputation for themselves. They became known as plunder and pillage people. On the contrary, that’s not all they were capable of. Their thirst to learn made them become creative poets, spectacular scholars and tremendous traders. The Vikings were pretty incredible, right?

Eirik Bloodaxe

Let’s not forget one of the most famous Vikinger! Eirik Bloodaxe, the mighty son Harald Hårfagre and Ragnhild. Likewise, Eirik Bloodaxe was born during the year 900. Sadly three years later his mother died. Bloodaxe’s father set out on a mission to be the ultimate father for his son. Harald made a decision to make Eirik king (even though Eirik was not the first in line to inherit the throne).

Eirik Bloodaxe became ruler in the year 930 with the residents of Hordaland county accepting him as king. Was Eirik Bloodaxe a mighty king? Did he uphold the reputation of the victorious Vinkinger? What was he known for? 

Ethicaltravelportal will inform you about this and take you on an intrepid tour of modern day Norway.Discover through us the ultimate trail and majestical history of the mighty King Eirik and the Vikings.

Trip Highlights:

  • Walking tour of Bergen
  • Visiting the Gulating
  • Going to Svanøy the birthplace of Erik Bloodaxe
  • Seeing the oldest Stave church and UNESCO World heritage site of Urnes
  • Sail through the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord
  • Go to the Njardarheimr Viking Valley


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    The Ultimate Trip Following Norway’s Viking Heritage
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    Local Guide
Drive to Bergen | Viking Heritage Walk
Your journey with us begins at 9:00 AM.
You will be transported by bus to the old king's residence in Bergen. A city among seven mountains filled with culture, soul and diversity. Whilst in Bergen you will discover that this quaint sea town has seen it all - since the time of Alrekstaðir to Bjørgvin to the present day.  Once arriving at the old king's residence you will be able to put yourself in the former king's shoes by witnessing the same views they previously once saw. You’ll walk via the Kalfaret neighbourhood towards the remains of the Nonneseter Monastery.
Later on, you will stroll through the iconic oldest streets of Bergen towards the medieval Bergenhus Fortress. Throughout this walking tour, our skilled local guides will share their knowledge with you on epic past and present stories of Bergen. After that, you are free to explore at your leisure the rest of Bergen for the day.
  • Walking tour of Bergen by local guides
  • Bus Journey to Old Kings Residence.
Bergen to the Ancient Melting Pot Gulating
Fill your stomach and enjoy a hearty breakfast. As today you will pick up your car.
Brace yourself for the spectacular scenery coming your way! You will venture along the Western Coast of Norway. Make sure you take in every bit of the serene coastline. Heck, all of us at Ethicaltravelportal even advise you to stop off in a few places when you can!
Suggestion: We highly recommend you take a detour to Byrknes. If you do, you will encounter several bridges across narrow roads. The picturesque scenery that follows will take your breath away.
Why not make the most of your time along the mesmerising Norwegian coast and take a swim when you stop off?
Eventually, your car journey for the day will come to an end as you reach Gulating in Gulen. A legendary juridical settling location during the Viking era. The Gulating was a legislative body, a court of law and a political assembly. Originally set out as an alting, where ‘all free men fit to bear arms’ had the right to construct and participate in the procedures. Regularly free farmers met to deliberate amongst themselves and later in direct negotiations with the king.
Stand there in that symbolic spot, imagining what it was like a thousand years ago to be part of the great Gulating.
  • Visting the Gulating.
Gulating to Svanøy | The birthplace of Eric Bloodaxe.
Replenish your appetite and continue on the scenic route to Florø.
You will arrive in this gorgeous town and you must take time to wander around this tranquil place. It is the gateway to many small islands in Norway! Park your car in Florø for the night and embark on the ferry to Svanøy.
Not only does this island holds Viking history, but you can also be a witness to an authentic rural experience of Norwegian life in Svanøy. Only 70 inhabitants on the island are living off fishing and their local deer farm. The residents are more or less, living off the land.
Talk about sustainable living!
Later, you can spend the rest of the day walking around or simply relax by the pier.
Viking History of Svanøy | Svanøy - Sognefjord
This morning you will be greeted by a native of Svanøy who will give you an inciteful tour of this unique island. Rumours have it that Svanøy was the birthplace of Eirik Bloodaxe...
After your walk take the ferry back to Florø you will need to pick up your car. It will take roughly three-hours of travel time to eventually reach Solvorn in the evening via the beautiful Fjærlan. 
History of Sognefjorden
During the Viking era, Sognefjorden was a popular destination due to its rich resources in agriculture fishing and trade. The fjord provided swift access to the sea by Viking boats and easy entry to mountain passes.
The mountains were a popular passage for goods to pass through like i
ron from the Valdres region. Historically, Sognefjorden was also renowned as a popular place where wise men would pass on their knowledge to educate former kings to be. Moreover, Eirik Bloodaxe’s father Harald Hårfagre was born in Sogn most likely in the Leikanger municipality.
A historic filled place making it a
 unique opportunity on your trip in Norway.
  • Tour of Svanøy from a local
Stave Church Heritage | Gudvangen and Viking Dinner

Satisfy your appetite and quench your first, as after breakfast you will be transported by ferry to visit the fascinating Urnes Stave Church. You will be taken aback by the architecture of this brilliant building. Which was created by the hands of talented Viking craftsmen. This church is particularly unique as it was built around 1130 or shortly thereafter and to this day it still stands in its original form, unspoilt. It contains Viking art combined with Christian architecture. It is the oldest stave church and a UNESCO Heritage site. You must take this opportunity to stand in a part of untouched history!

Next, you will return to Solvorn via ferry, then drive towards Flåm and Gudvangen. Your journey will come to an end when you arrive in Gudvangen where you will spend the night.
Afterwards, take the fjord cruise from Gudvangen to Flåm. You will sail through the UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord. This is an important destination as it played a significant role in the Viking era (you’ll discover why on the trip). The cruise will come to an end and you will depart in Flåm and will proceed to Ægir Restaurant. It’s not just a restaurant, Ægir is a Norse style microbrewery which serves your food in Viking style! We recommend trying their famous beer- good that your car is parked for the night right?

  • Fjord Cruise through UNESCO listed Nærøyfjord
Viking Valley & Bergen
Make the most of your final day by getting the feel of Viking life.  The Njardarheimr Viking Valley lies in the heart of the centre of the unique UNESCO listed Norwegian fjord landscape. This is the setting for the town Njardarheimr. Here you will witness the true history and culture of the Viking era. In this location, you will experience how Vikings lived, worked and caused an impact on the world.
A quirky tip to note, is that the streets of this valley are populated by an international community of Viking enthusiasts!
Once your visit comes to an end you will drive back to Bergen which will take approximately 2 hours.
You will have the afternoon to yourself in Bergen where you will spend the night.
  • Visiting the UNESCO listed Njardarheimr Viking Valley
Optional Extension:
  • Arrive Oslo and do a Viking Walk including the Vikingship Museum. Next day, take the train to Bergen and start your trip from day three (as day one in this itinerary)


Starting in Norway's second largest city Bergen you will proceed and enjoy a magnificent journey along the picturesque western coast. Throughout the trip you will visit he great Gulen, Florø, Svanøy, Sognefjord, Gudvangen and finishing up back in Bergen.