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Local Walk

Walking with a local allows you to travel off the beaten path. Walk with a local in Oslo today and you will learn first hand about the cities history and visit local spots.

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A custom tour of the Kathmandu Valley, showcasing its top assets -rich history, culture and nature. Also a chance to meet some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Do you like the mountains? This area is home to some magnificent mountains, in particular, Mt Siguniang. This sacred mountain has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and features breathtaking scenery.

The Cotton Trail

There’s more to the Gambia than the picturesque destination that is portrayed. Did you know, the Gambia used to be one of the leading countries in West Africa for cultivating cotton?

Nepal is a country with a rich culture and has some phenomenal wilderness. The country’s marvellous features make a trip of a lifetime for families. A destination where you can combine learning and adventure.

Viking Heritage

Retrace the victorious Vikings and the once mighty king Eirik Bloodaxe through modern-day Norway.


The towns across Norwegian Riveria hosts some quirky, cosy and charming spots. White wooden houses, clean sea air and charming people. Visit Southern Norway by cycle today.


On this journey, you’ll be visiting the gorgeous North. You will cover three main cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Normally, this is referred to as ‘The Golden Triangle’. However here at Ethical Travel Portal, we want to take you away from the tourist beat. Therefore, what better way to travel than to witness the behind…

Tracing Vikings

The vicious Vikings have seemed to play a significant role in the founding of its capital, Kyiv. Traces of Viking history can also be felt in different cities and trails in Ukraine. One of the Slavic sites even has a graveyard full of Viking warriors. Also, a museum on this journey exhibits artefacts from a…

Traditions and Heritage

Transylvania strikes an exquisite balance of ancient history and alluring landscapes. Visit the gothic fairytale city of Brasov and roam past medieval Saxon walls, churches and a 13th-century old castle.

The Carpathian mountain range is home to untouched regions since the pre-Soviet war. Unlike its urban neighbours, many residents commute via horse and cart. It’s as if you’ve stepped back in time!


This trip combines yoga with nature and cultural experiences. Every morning we start the day with a yoga practice, tailored to what the day will bring and set the scene for the day. The yoga is suitable for all levels. The leader and yoga instructor of this trip is the Founder of Ethical Travel Portal,…