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Do you like the mountains? This area is home to some magnificent mountains, in particular, Mt Siguniang. This sacred mountain has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and features breathtaking scenery.


Are you a fan of off the beaten path destinations? Do you want to be different from the common traveller? Likewise, do you like being surrounded by vast amounts of nature? Then, Northern Vietnam is ideal for you.

Vietnam - cycling Yoga

Do you like fusing the mind, body and soul together? Then you may be a fan of yoga or even if you’re not you should give it a go and see what wonders it will do for you.

Self Guided

Take part in a self-guided active, upbeat unforgettable journey off the beaten track which is truly an experience of a lifetime! On this trip interact with the locals, hike from mountain cabin to mountain cabin, devour tasty local food and challenge yourself all whilst surrounded by magnificent nature!

The Cotton Trail

There’s more to the Gambia than the picturesque destination that is portrayed. Did you know, the Gambia used to be one of the leading countries in West Africa for cultivating cotton?

Pikey Peak is the new trekking route and is one of the tallest hills within the Solukhumbu region. Did you know, the name Pikey comes from the Sherpa clan deity?

Did you know that coffee only came to Nepal several years back? A returning traveller brought back some plants from their ventures abroad to their town in the Argakanchi district in Mid Western Nepal.

Nepal is a country with a rich culture and has some phenomenal wilderness. The country’s marvellous features make a trip of a lifetime for families. A destination where you can combine learning and adventure.

Explore Hardangerfjord and Trolltunga. This spectacular adventure will take you by boat exploring the sensational scenery on the way to one of the longest Fjords in the world!

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Did you know that the Hardangervidda National Park is Norway’s largest park? As noted by VisitNorway Hardangervidda has been recognised as a national park since 1981 and spans from the East to the West covering the Hardanger mountain plateau.

Rondane national park also has ten peaks over 2000 metres above sea level. Alternative to its high peaks there is low terrains with flatlands filled with lots of wildlife.

The best way to explore Transylvania and the Carpathian mountains is by foot on a hike. Here at Ethical Travel Portal, we offer a self-guided hike through terrific Transylvania.