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Yoga & Mindfulness

An inspirational and relaxing week in beautiful natural surroundings and an introduction to the real Gambia.

8 days
Beginner level+
Vietnam - cycling Yoga

Do you like fusing the mind, body and soul together? Then you may be a fan of yoga or even if you’re not you should give it a go and see what wonders it will do for you.


Vinyasa yoga involves moving to different postures using your breath. Likewise, mindfulness is the experience of being open and aware within the present moment. It has been shown to relieve stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, used as a treatment for depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and many others.


In the Sanskrit language, yoga means ‘union’ which unites the mind, body and spirit. Connecting the mind, body and spirit allows greater strength, flexibility, increased relaxation and broader sense of self-awareness.


This trip combines yoga with nature and cultural experiences. Every morning we start the day with a yoga practice, tailored to what the day will bring and set the scene for the day. The yoga is suitable for all levels. The leader and yoga instructor of this trip is the Founder of Ethical Travel Portal,…