China Go West Go Wild Journey

China Go West Go Wild Journey

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China, a country renowned worldwide for being an economic superpower and famous high rise skyscrapers. Whilst all of this can be interesting to see, there’s more to China than the high rise business cities and urban landmarks portrayed in the media.

Away from the hustle and bustle is the impressive southwestern province of China, Sichuan. Its rural area is home to unspoilt wild landscapes that stretch for miles. The perfect place to go for an adventure and to experience the traditional side of China. Sichuan used to be part of the Tibetan plateau. Hence why its home to a lot of Tibetans and has a strong Tibetan influence. The former Tibetan part of Sichuan is picturesque filled with tranquil farmlands, mountains, nature and fresh clean air.

Do you like the mountains? This area is home to some magnificent mountains, in particular, Mt Siguniang. This sacred mountain has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site and features breathtaking scenery.

According to Britannica, Sichuan has one of the most varied population ranges in China. Sichuan is home to many ethnic groups such as the Han, Tuja, Tibetans, Hui and Qiang. On this journey, you will travel through quaint traditional villages and learn about the traditions from the locals making up these different communities.

Moreover, did you know that Sichuan has around 30% of the world’s most endangered pandas? UNESCO mention that Sichuan has seven nature reserves housing these beautiful creatures. A particularly famous one is the panda reservation centre in Wolong who strive to conserve the giant panda.

The southwestern part of China is a phenomenal place to adventure. Here at Ethical Travel Portal, we take you to all of the above places and more on this journey. You will dive deep into the western Chinese communities learning about their culture, places and nearby nature.


Trip Highlights:

  • Visit the Giant Buddha sculpture
  • Wolong Panda Nature Reserve Centre
  • Walk along the Changping Gully
  • Hike and meet local minorities
  • Witness breathtaking panoramic views of Mt. Siguniang Mt. Pomiu & Mt. Luotuofeng (if weather permits).
  • Visit a Tibetan village, monastery and temple
  • Learn Tai Ji


Interested? Enquire with us today. Want to know more? Click on the trip plan above for further information! 

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    China Go West Go Wild Journey
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    Local Guide
    Bed & Breakfast
Day 1: Welcome to Chengdu!
Welcome to China and the capital of the Sichuan province Chengdu. Upon arrival at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, you will be met by a member of staff and picked up. As soon as you exit the baggage reclaim you will board a bus to Leshan. Tonight in Leshan, we will have a group dinner around 8:00 pm.   Included:
  • Group dinner
  • Airport pickup
  • Bus to Leshan
Day 2: Visit the Giant Buddha
The city you’ve woken up in houses more than 3000 years worth of history. This morning you will visit its most historic monument, the Giant Buddha. Which has been magnificently sculpted into Mount Lingyun. It’s the biggest buddha in the whole of China and the biggest stone-carved in the world. According to ancientorigins, a monk in the Tang Dynasty made the decision to carve a large statue next to the river. He hoped it would get the attention of river gods to get them to calm the turbulent waters which distressed passing boats and stop people being killed. Finally, in 713 AD he began work and it took 90 years to complete. At the site of the giant sculpture witness mesmerising views of Mount Emei opposite and the joining of three great rivers. You will begin your journey from the buddha’s head, walk down to one side where his feet is and then ascend from the other side. This afternoon you will travel by bus to Wolong. This journey should take approximately 3 hours.   Included:
  • Visit to the giant buddha
  • Bus to Wolong
Day 3: Meet Panda’s
This morning you’ll make your way to Wolong Panda Nature Reserve Centre. Here you’ll come across many wild pandas and giant ones too where they are being protected by the reserve. Spend time with the beautiful animals this morning for around 2-3 hours. This afternoon, you will travel by bus to Mt Siguiang (Rilong town). Included:
  • Visit to Wolong Panda Nature Reserve Centre
  • Bus to Mt Siguiang
Day 4: See the Sights by Hike
Today we will depart and begin a walk from 9:00 am along the Changping Gully. This is a long gently sloping sliding valley which boasts amazing untouched scenery. In total, we will cover around 18km of distance. Throughout your hike today, you will be able to gain an insight into the cultures of local minorities, witness the breathtaking snow-capped panoramic views of Mt. Siguniang Mt. Pomiu and Mt. Luotuofeng (if the weather is good). Later you will visit a Tibetan temple, Lamasi.   Included:
  • Hike
  • Visit Lamasi
Day 5: Zhonglu Tibetan Village
Enjoy your breakfast and then depart for a three-hour bus journey to Zhonglu Village in Danba. Upon arrival meet a local family who you’ll be spending time with over the next couple of days. You will have a traditional lunch and then the afternoon is at your leisure to explore the quaint village of Zhonglu. Tonight you will have the opportunity to learn to write Chinese and Tibetan characters. This is often a fun experience, learning and writing in a new language. Perhaps ask your teacher how to write your name.   Included:
  • Lunch
  • Lesson on writing Chinese and Tibetan characters
Day 6: Full day of activities in Zhonglu
Wake up for an early start as today you’ll be learning Tai Ji from our guide. A traditional morning exercise. After this, reward yourself with a delicious breakfast at 8:00 AM. Once food has been digested you will hike to Shalake monastery and along the way discover more about the Tibetan village. Throughout this time, you will meet and visit local families learning about their way of life. For lunch today, you will cook together as a group. Afterwards, visit the watchtower of Danba and study its unique cultural and historical knowledge. This evening dinner will be served around 6:00 pm and afterwards, have an introduction session to the Yunhe Center. This is a base for nature education and community development.   Included:
  • Tai Ji lesson
  • Hike to Shalake monastery
  • Introduction session to the Yunhe Center
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch group cooking
  • Dinner
Day 7: Trek to white stupa garden
Get ready for an 8:00 AM breakfast. Then we will take a local bus and trek to the White stupa garden. On the way to the garden, take your time to indulge in the gorgeous scenery. Upon arrival into the garden, we will have a traditional holy mountain ceremony. This is hosted by the local elders and it’s often other locals participate, especially children. After this, we will bond by celebrating each of our cultures by singing, dancing, exchanging performances and sharing gifts. You will then eat lunch at a school. This afternoon, you can pick from one of the following three options:
  • Short trek to the cave
  • Handicraft workshops
  • Printing prayer flags
Then have dinner at 6:00 pm.   Included:
  • Local bus journey
  • Trek to White stupa garden
  • Traditional holy mountain ceremony
  • Optional activity of your choice
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
Day 8: Depart for Chengdu
Today you will leave Zhonglu early by bus and have lunch on way. This evening we will have a farewell dinner consisting of Sichuan dishes.   Included:
  • Bus to Chengdu
  • Lunch
  • Sichuan dinner
Day 9: Free day in Chengdu
Today you have a free day in the capital of the Sichuan province, Chengdu. There are many things to do in the city. Optional activities we can provide:
  • At your request, we can arrange for you to explore Chengdu by bike. This is a great way to see the city in the morning. You will get to whizz through the backstreets at a leisurely pace. On this tour, you will sample scrumptious local cuisine and get unique insider knowledge from a Chengdu local.
  • If you’re a foodie perhaps try home cooking. Did you know Chengdu was only the second city in the world to achieve a UNESCO City of Gastronomy designation for Sichuan cooking? On this tour, you will meet a local family visiting a local market shopping for ingredients and make a traditional meal.
Looking for more activities? Try visiting a teahouse or the Sichuan opera during the evening. If you want recommendations for places to eat, ask us and we can advise upon your needs.
Day 10: Say goodbye to China
Use your chance this morning to grab some last-minute souvenirs before your airport pickup. You will reach Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport via shuttle bus for your flight home.   We hope to see you again soon!   Included:
  • Shuttle bus to the airport

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