Rondane National Park- A Norwegain Hiking Classic!

Rondane National Park- A Norwegain Hiking Classic!

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One’s experience of travelling can be made up of many things such as food, culture and people.


Can you guess which one of the three is the main reason people visit Norway?

Ok, we’ll tell you. It’s not just those three but also its dazzling natural surroundings. Norway is home to some stunning scenic highlands, spectacular fjords and magnificent mountains. No trip to this country would be complete without fully endorsing yourself in the Norwegian nature.

One place filled with vast amounts of nature and wildlife which is a must-visit is Norway’s oldest national park Rondane, established in 1962. It covers 1,000 square kilometres as well as counties such as Oppland and Hedmark, as noted by VisitNorway.

Rondane national park also has ten peaks over 2000 metres above sea level. Alternative to its high peaks there is low terrains with flatlands filled with lots of wildlife.


Are we tempting you to visit yet?

If so, we have you covered with a self-guided multi-day trip to Rodane National Park.


Trip Highlights:

  • Meeting a local expert who will provide you with advice on hiking in Norway
  • Explore Oslo’s natural trails if you’re sick of urban areas
  • Enjoy a scenic train journey from Oslo to Otta
  • Interact with local Norwegian Hikers en route and enjoy tasty local food
  • Appreciate the spectacular mountain top views

Interested? Enquire with us today. Want to know more? Click on the trip plan above for further information!


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    Rondane National Park- A Norwegain Hiking Classic!
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    Local Guide
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Day 1: Arrive in Oslo | Meet a local Expert
Welcome to the remarkable country of Norway, its fast-growing green capital Oslo surrounded by mountains and sea. Home to the Nobel peace prize, fascinating culture and the Norwegian monarchy. Upon arriving into Avinor Oslo’s airport you will begin your local experience. First, you will take a local train from the airport to the city centre. Once settled in, you will meet one of our local specialists who will take you to a local coffee spot. Whilst here, grab a locally brewed coffee or if coffee is not your taste get a local alternative if you wish. Here we will discuss your upcoming trip, provide recommendations for restaurants and activities in Norway. Likewise, if you have any Norwegian interests such as politics, history, hiking tips and conditions so on we will be happy to answer. Take pleasure in the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy a great start to your holiday!
Day 2: Explore Oslo's Nature Trails with a local
Today you will hike with a local that will show you the green Oslo. You and our expert can do this by taking a leisurely walk along the river Akerselva. If you choose to embark on this walk you will pass Oslo’s largest lake Maridalsvannet and many green parks filled with rich nature. Alternatively, you and our expert may head for a 30-minute journey to an outer city destination up North for the day. That is Europe’s largest urban forest, Nordmarka. A popular destination for locals and tourists in both summer and winter. Nordmarka is home to unspoilt nature, traditional wooden buildings, hilltop viewpoints, pristine lakes and fresh delicious berries! You can check out the well-marked location on your own (trail maps are available) and proceed to the viewpoint of Vettakollen. If visiting here you are quite lucky from the average tourist, as it’s often a locals’ only destination showcasing the finest views of all of Oslo. Making this location an ideal destination for lunch accompanied by a panoramic view. In regards to lunch options, we advise you to bring your own or you can purchase along the way at a café in a local forest cabin.   After you’ve filled your stomach this afternoon continue further to the stunning shores of Sognsvann. This is one of Oslo’s prettiest lakes and if the weather permits it’s perfect for a swim. Here the walk concludes with easy access to a metro stop for a swift return to the city centre. Then, from here you will have the rest of the evening free at your disposal.
Day 3: Train to Otta | transfer and hike to Rondvassbu
Fill your stomach with a hearty breakfast and prepare yourself for an epic multi-day hiking experience to Norway’s oldest national park- Rondane National Park. To get here you will need to take the train from Oslo to Otta which is the gateway to the national park. Once in Otta, you will undergo a short bus journey before commencing with an easy light 2-hour walk from the bus stop to warm up your muscles for the following days ahead.  This walk will be across a 5km gravel road beginning with an insight into some spectacular views for the beginning of your hike. This evening go for a nice Norwegian dinner to round of your days with local ingredients from a mountain cabin.
Day 4: Trek to Dørålseter
Following a tasty Norwegian breakfast with local hikers, begin your trek to Dørålseter. This morning you have two options, the first is you can travel by boat to Rondvatnet or walk for a further 2 hours via Rondhalsen.  Once here, we recommend visiting Dørålseter Tourist Lodge. This is situated in the gorgeous foothill of the Rondane north-east. This lodge has been operating across the past seven generations. Dørålseter Tourist Lodge is unique as it offers countless opportunities to feel the mountain life and the surroundings that it has to offer. You can participate in fun adventure-filled activities here such as bearing, fishing trips, bathing tour, top tour, skiing, strolling, waffle-in-the-sun-spring-tour and many more.
Day 5: Journey to Bjørnhollia
Today you will journey to Bjørnhollia. However this morning you have two options to choose from in order to get there.
  • Hike the route towards Rondvassbu which is above Bergdalstjønnen through the Langglupdalen valley to Bjørnhollia. On average this hike should take around 7-8 hours.
  • On the contrary, take a slightly more challenging journey with fine displays from the top. We recommend walking over Høgronden (2118 meters above sea level). In total, this journey should average around 9-10 hours.
Both of these options are incredible, you will have fun and witness spectacular views regardless. This evening enjoy a tasty dinner in your last location of the day, Bjørnhollia.
Day 6: Make your way back to Rondvassbu
Today you will journey back to Rondvassbu across the picturesque Illmann’s valley.  This hike is relatively easy and you will pass many small lakes whilst doing so. Once you reach midway through the valley, a very moraine passes across the valley floor. It’s absolutely stunning! To conclude the last part of day’s hike you will be walking over the gravel road, which your legs shall appreciate! This hike on average takes around 4 hours, it’s not that intensive. So, take it easy and relax throughout the day!
Day 7: Otta - Train to Oslo
Seize your morning with a tasty breakfast and then afterwards take the bus back to Otta. Then, from there you shall return back to the capital. Once back in Oslo, appreciate its lively waterfront and historic centre! This evening for dinner, take your time and perhaps wander if you wish around the city’s historic core buzzing with lively restaurants and outdoor cafes. If you want to try local alternatives we recommend visiting Lofoten Fish Restaurant, Restaurant fjord, Røst and Olympen
Day 8: Depart Oslo
Goodbye from Norway! Take time spending your last few hours here by wandering around Oslo’s neighbourhoods, relaxing in a café or visiting local boutiques for one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Then head to the airport for your onward journey home.   We hope you had a fantastic experience and welcome you again in Norway soon!

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