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A custom tour of the Kathmandu Valley, showcasing its top assets -rich history, culture and nature. Also a chance to meet some of the friendliest people on the planet.

Mange kjenner til Nepal, og legendariske Kathmandu. Med det vakre landskapet og de vennlige imøtekommende menneskene er Nepal et land mange reiser til, både to og tre ganger!

Pikey Peak is the new trekking route and is one of the tallest hills within the Solukhumbu region. Did you know, the name Pikey comes from the Sherpa clan deity?

This trek has taken inspiration from the remarkable Mahabir Pun. He had a hard time finding the correct information to undergo his education. Finally, after several tries, he managed and eventually travelled all the way to the USA to gain a higher education.

Did you know that coffee only came to Nepal several years back? A returning traveller brought back some plants from their ventures abroad to their town in the Argakanchi district in Mid Western Nepal.

Nepal is a country with a rich culture and has some phenomenal wilderness. The country’s marvellous features make a trip of a lifetime for families. A destination where you can combine learning and adventure.

Trace the eastern border of Nepal with India in a journey from Kathmandu to Kolkata with tea, trekking, and a massive dose of insight into local lives and people.