The Hardangerfjord and The Trolltunga

The destinations of Hardangerfjord and Trolltunga are incredibly picturesque. This spectacular adventure will take you by boat exploring the sensational scenery on the way to one of the longest Fjords in the world! The Hardanger Fjord.

The Hardangerfjord and The Trolltunga

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Do you like exploring places by boat? Are you a fan of the unspoilt natural world?

Then the destinations of Hardangerfjord and Trolltunga are ideal for you. This spectacular adventure will take you by boat exploring the sensational scenery on the way to one of the longest Fjords in the world! That is the beautiful Fjord Hardanger. Which is an immense 179km long,900 metres at its deepest and the third-longest in the world! A must-see if you’re visiting Norway.

The region of Hardangerfjord

Hardangerfjord has been a popular haunt for tourists since the 19th century! Why? Because in this region, there are vast amounts of mesmerising nature to enjoy from rumbling breathtaking waterfalls to blossoming apple orchards. A wildlife lovers dream.Alongside its incredible nature, it’s home to a wonderfully rich cultural heritage. Famous Norwegian outfits originate from here such as the traditional Hardanger folk costume and Hardanger embroidery which are recognised as national symbols.

You may wonder where Norway gets most of their fruit? Well, 40% of its fruit is grown in the Hardangerfjord region especially apples, pears, sweet cherries and plums. That says something about the fertile environment of the Hardangerfjord.


Just a hike away from Hardangerfjord is magnificent rock formation Trolltunga (meaning the Tonge of the Troll). The reason behind its name is that the rocks extend out at right angles to the mountainside. Similar to a troll’s tongue carved into stone. It is arguably the most breathtaking cliff in Norway and is about 1,100 metres above sea level. In the past years, it’s gained a lot of recognition across the world.  This legendary rock formation has been here for thousands of years worn by the ice age yet still stands with great beauty today.

You can’t visit Norway and miss out on a trip here! You have to get active in Trolltunga if you want to experience a true Norwegian adventure. 

Did you know? During 2010, 800 people visited Trolltunga. Next, in 2016, 80,000 people visited! Even though there is a great difference in those figures, it’s still been a struggle for the local community. The best way to help this economy is by expanding your stay and use the facilities in Trolltunga, for example, make use of their guided services.

Don’t worry, by going on a trip with us at ETP we make sure of this by hiring local guides. We want to give back to the local economy.

Trip Highlights

  • Be guided by our knowledgable and skilled local experts who will direct you through Trolltunga and its magical surroundings!
  • Take in the magnificent scenery of the Hardangerfjord as your journey to it via a fjord cruise approximately taking 2 hours from Bergen
  • Devour scrumptious local food in a barn with a traditional beverage
  • Mountain Bike
  • Hike the river of Tysso
  • Climb up Ferrata Himelstigen (The Ladder to Heaven)



It’s time to embark on nature through the Hardangerfjord region and Trolltunga. Which will for sure make an impact on you than just the perfect picture! Enquire with us today! 

  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Included
    The Hardangerfjord and The Trolltunga
  • Not Included
    Local Guide
    Bed & Breakfast
Day 1: Fjordcruise from Bergen to Hardanger and Odda
            Hello and welcome to Norway!
Commence the start of your voyage by boarding a scenic fjord cruise from Bergen to Rosedal. You will arrive in Odda a town renowned for its stunning landscape and the gorgeous apple tree blossoms during the spring season. This magical place is surrounded by waterfalls, blissful blue glaciers, fjords and general epic scenery. This evening kick back, relax and let the marvellous Norwegian nature take focus while you enjoy a local dinner with Norwegian specialities.
  • Fjord cruise from Bergen to Rosedal
  • Local Dinner
Day 2: Trolltunga Sunset & Sunrise
Most tourists only spend a day hiking up and down the Trolltunga. You are not.
You lucky individual are on a longer mission which will start at midday and your local expert will hike up the Trolltunga with you. Spend this day at your leisure taking time to enjoy your lunch whilst appreciating the overwhelmingly gorgeous Norwegian nature that surrounds you.
Upon arrival at the top, congratulate yourself for your hard work! Then enjoy your reward by taking pleasure with an outdoor evening dinner on Trolltunga. Sit there, be part of nature and witness the surreal sunset from the west behind the FolgeFonna glacier. As well as getting an extraordinary view over the Ringedalen lake.
  • Hiking up Trolltunga with a local expert
  • Outdoor evening dinner on Trolltunga
Day 3: A Taste of Hardanger & Norway
Be sure to wake up early to enjoy the sunrise and epic view around you!
While YOU also enjoy breakfast before begin hiking back.
Today, you will arrive back around 2-3pm just in time to relax after an active start to the morning. Tonight, spend the evening chatting about your experiences last night and future adventures ahead. Here you will be served locally produced tasty cuisine alongside Norwegian beverages in great company.
  • Hike down the Trolltunga.
  • An authentic dinner with tasty local food and Norwegian beverages.
Day 4 : Trolltunga highlight, by mountain biking and the ferrata route Himmelstigen to Trolltunga
  Today you will experience Trolltunga from another angle. An off the beaten track hike packed with Norwegian history and attractions. Start by mountain biking for 7km, before hiking up the river of Tysso. To reach the famous Trolltunga, the last part will be to a climb up the Ferrata Himelstigen (The Ladder to Heaven). This hike will leave you engulfed by natures charm leaving a permanent lasting memory for the rest of your life. That evening you will return to a late hearty supper and a well deserved good night sleep.
  • 7km of mountain biking
  • Hiking the river of Tysso
  • Climb up Ferrata Himelstigen (The Ladder to Heaven).
Day 5: Travel to Bergen
Say goodbye, as today you will take the bus back to Bergen.
A picturesque city on Norway's southwestern coast which is surrounded by a stunning coastline, mountains and fjords. It is known as the city of seven mountains as it's surrounded by peaks. As well as a beautiful port with many visitors and traders visiting frequently. (We advise you to add on a few extra days to your trip to explore the historical city for a few days).


Explore Hardangerfjord and Trolltunga. This spectacular adventure will take you by boat exploring the sensational scenery on the way to one of the longest Fjords in the world!

Starting in Bergen you will take a scenic fjord cruise to the town of Odda. Next, you will hike up the Trolltunga to see the sunset and sunrise.
Then hike down the Trolltunga the following day remaining in the Hardanger region.
The following day you will hike up the river of Tysso and climb up the Ferrata Himelstigen.
Finally, your journey will come to an end as on the last day you will take a bus back to the western coastal city of Bergen. 

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