Walk with a Local in Oslo Norway

See behind the scenes of Oslo with a local guide. A different experience to the average tourist...

Walk with a Local in Oslo Norway

$120 per person

Oslo is the capital of Norway and has a population of over 673,000 people. Did you know Oslo was named the European Green Capital for 2019? This is due to the cities conservation of natural areas and decreased pollution. In fact, the government is trying to make the city centre a car-free zone. The fresh city air is a reason to visit alone.  Moreover, it’s host to modern architecture and home to a fascinating history dating back to the Viking era. As well as beautiful harbour, museums, restaurants and shopping destinations.

Whilst this is good, sometimes when travelling to restaurants, hotels, transport and attractions can blind your understanding of a town, city or country as they can be tailored to tourists. We recommend you don’t just follow the standard tourist route, whilst in Oslo. Especially if you’re visiting for a limited period of time, what better way to discover the city than with a local guide.

Why travel local?

The only way to get a true feeling of a place is to see it from a locals point of view. Whilst, it’s good to see the main tourist attractions it’s just as important to visit the native life which contributes to a countries identity. Doing this, you gain a whole new level of education through travel by listening to interesting stories and visiting local spots.

Walking with a local will allow you to be taken to unfrequented destinations visited by tourists but frequent hotspots of locals.

What Ethicaltravelportal can offer you 

Our local guides will provide you with an education of Oslo’s history all the way to the current day. This is a transformative walk that may alter your understanding of Oslo. We tailor each walk with a local to your request. Our aim is to make you have a memorable time. Not forgetting, we strive to give back to the local economy by providing jobs to the natives of Oslo.

Cost: $120

Duration: 3 Hours

Meeting Point: The Tigers head outside Oslo Central Station.

Tour operating hours: 9:00 AM or 14:00 PM every day.

Planning to visit Oslo? Enquire with us today and we will make sure our guide provides you with a visit to remember. 

  • Destination
  • Departure
    By the Tigers Head outside of Oslo Station
  • Departure Time
    09:00 and 14:00 every day - 3 hrs
  • Included
    Walk with a Local in Oslo Norway
    Local Guide
  • Not Included
    Bed & Breakfast


Your location varies according to each local guides wisdom and knowledge of Oslo. Likewise, if you have a few destinations in mind let us know and we will tailor your walk according to your needs. Once you discuss with us we will provide you with details about your walk with a local in Norway. Enquire with us today.