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4 Aug – our newly launched storytelling platform

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We have launched – a storytelling platform for local voices, authentic travel inspiration.
For far too long, travel experiences and storytelling have been shaped by visitors, for visitors. This consumer-centric model reinforces stereotypes, exploits people’s heritage and culture, and fails to give agency to communities — all while providing minimal benefit to the places people travel.
At Resonate, our mission is to nurture local pride as the most sustainable asset in any community. We do this by offering space for local people to share their own stories and let the narrative be driven from within their communities. We acknowledge the value of these stories and will respectfully pay for the privilege to publish them and give back to these communities.
Our mission is also to let these stories inspire and build a mindful community of travellers who choose to engage with and respect the communities around the world that they visit. We will keep pushing boundaries in the way travel functions by centering local people and finding practical solutions for pressing sustainability issues that plague travel.
We aim to shift that traveler-first mentality to one that priortises the health and well-being of the destinations people visit and the people who live there.



We empower local people to centre themselves, their communities, and their destinations in the travel conversation. They tell their stories — written or visual — on their terms, receiving viewership from people interested in hearing their voices.
We create a space for readers for whom this concept resonates. This is their opportunity to join a growing, mindful community that enjoys getting deeper into destinations, learning about the challenges and solutions facing tourism, and fostering travel experiences that are intentional, respectful, and captivating.
We invite destination promoters to connect with this engaged audience. Through the Resonate platform, they are able to promote what destinations and communities want, and not only what the market demands.
We provide travellers with inspiration and practical information so they can journey around the world with consideration, courage, and an open mind.
At Resonate, we work closely with writers so their lived experiences are featured and these locally focused stories accurately represent the destinations where they are anchored.
We won’t always get this right — after all, it’s impossible to be all things for all people. But, we are committed to doing our best, learning from our missteps, and continuing to adapt our model
We can’t do this alone: Our actions affect other people, natural habitats, and the destinations we visit. Open communication and mutual learning about responsible travel are essential to our success. We rely on your input and encourage conversation at Resonate so that together we can create and support an ecosystem where travel truly benefits local communities.
Travel over to and be inspired!

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