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31 Jul

Vietnam Top Tips

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Vietnam is one of the most picturesque countries to visit in Southern Asia. It caters to many types of travellers. It also has a population of over 96 million people according to worldpopulationreview. As Vietnam has a big population it’s important you have insider information before travelling there. This way you can remain safe within the large population, optimise your travel to the fullest and remain a healthy traveller by following these top tips! Therefore, here are the following:


1)  Don’t drink the tap water and be cautious eating ice or salads

The tap water in Vietnam is not appropriate for drinking. You can purchase bottled water in Vietnam, however when purchasing make sure you check the lid has been sealed. Sometimes vendors have refilled water and used the same cap.

Avoid ice cubes as sometimes they have been formed from the unfiltered water from the tap. Not everywhere does this only some street stalls or local places. However, we advise you to use your common sense when required and take caution.

Be cautious and careful eating salads as sometimes the vegetables may have been washed with tap water. Similarly brushing your teeth, if possible try to use bottled water. As otherwise, you may pick up bad bacteria which can cause you to have an upset stomach.


2)  Look after your valuables

Vietnam is not an incredibly dangerous country. However, that goes without noting to take caution of your valuables. Especially when commuting on sleeper trains or buses. Don’t flash your expensive items such as your phone or camera about all the time. Wear a money belt or place your bag in front of you in busy places. Likewise, simply don’t bring your most expensive items with you so the risk is minimised of them being damaged or stolen.


3) Try the local food

All of us at etp can assure you Vietnamese food is tasty. Don’t miss out on trying some of the national dishes such as Pho, Bun Cha, banh mi or even the egg coffee. Especially in Hanoi where it’s worth trying a few of these dishes.


4) Pack for different types of weather

Depending on the time of year and the region of Vietnam you visit the weather can vary a lot. Check out our weather for more information.


5) Know your Vietnamese Dong

When exchanging your currency and converting it to the currency of Vietnam (dong). It may seem like lots of money. However, make sure you have a rough idea of your conversion rate of your home country. That way it’ll save you from getting scammed or short-changed. Likewise, be careful where you exchange as now Vietnam has no coins!



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