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Thank you for joining our
Travel Norway Through Stories!

This experience is based on “set your own price” and pay what YOU think it was WORTH!  We trust Flywire at Ethical Travel Portal and find it super easy to work with them, plus its easy on your side too. We shall send you a receipt and acknowledgement of payment once you make the payment! Thanks for your payment!

THIS is how it WORKS!
  1. Please click on the “make a payment” button below or top right to initiate the payment process.
  2. You will be transported to the Checkout where you will have to add the amount you want to pay.
  3. NOTE–> the amount will be in NOK (Norwegian Krone). Therefore, we have added in a useful converter to your right, to easier calculate in your own currency! HOWEVER -> dont worry, the second page will give you your currency, and you can always take a step back to adjust your entry!
  4. When you have added in your amount, the next page that will pop up is for your to chose your payment method. In most cases you should be able to chose between credit/debit card or International Bank Transfer.
  5. When you have selected your preferred payment method, click next, and this step is to add in your payment information.
  6. From there, you fill in  “Info for the receiver”. In the box “Invoice number” you type in “Storytelling” and click next.
  7. From there, “Review and confirmed”
  8. Next and last stop is “Make Payment” where you actually add in your payment details…!