See Epic Fjord Scenery & Explore Fairytale Adventures

See Epic Fjord Scenery & Explore Fairytale Adventures

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This is a best-of experience of what Norway has to offer, and this fairytale adventure is specially customised to give you a unique and authentic Norwegian experience. You will journey through a world of epic beauty with a contrasting variety of landscapes, nature and scenery.

From the bustling capital Oslo and the charming little town of Lillehammer, we’ll take a roundtrip through the unique fjord landscape with waterways that have burrowed their way into the country, creating a breathtaking experience and leaving no visitor unmoved. Here you will find shining green water surrounded by an even greener landscape, a backdrop of snow-capped mountain tops and glaciers — all together at once! We won’t just admire it from a distance but instead will get into and be a part of this beautiful landscape by bicycling, kayaking and hiking.

The timeless story of Norway is waiting to unfold.



  • Get to know Oslo, the country’s capital
  • Explore the charming town of Lillehammer
  • Take in the pure beauty of Skjolden and the Luster Fjord
  • Discover the Geiranger area’s famous fjord, picturesque village of Valldal and a wide diversity of nearby sights
11 Days
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Included
    See Epic Fjord Scenery & Explore Fairytale Adventures
  • Not Included
    Local Guide
    Bed & Breakfast
Day 1 - Welcome to Oslo
After arriving in the capital, you can get settled and we’ll prepare ourselves for the experiences to come.
Day 2 - Check Out the Capital
We join a local guide to take a walk exploring the highlights of the city.
Day 3 - Visit Lillehammer
We begin travelling further afield by driving to Lillehammer, the appealing town that hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics; an achievement standing as a monument to our strong culture as a winter skiing nation. We’ll also visit Maihaugen, a beautiful open-air museum showcasing the architecture and history of Norway. We will then stay the night in Lillehammer.
Day 4 - Set a Course for Skjolden
We begin our Skjolden adventure; taking the National Tourist Road and passing the majestic mountain range of Jotunheimen. We’ll take our time, stopping to ensure there are ample opportunities to capture and appreciate all the beauty we encounter. We will then arrive at Skjolden, situated at the end of the Luster Fjord overlooking a gorgeous landscape.
Day 5 - Be Immersed in Nature
After a thrilling trip by RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) over an artificial lake, we’ll take an easy, pleasant hike up to the Tunsbergdal Glacier. Here we’ll go onto the glacier itself, getting the feel of this magnificent but fragile natural wonder. This is a very remote area which hardly sees any other people, meaning we’ll have all this beauty to ourselves.
Day 6 - Cycle to Ornes
We’ll pick up our rental bikes today and set off on the Romantic Road heading from Skjolden along the fjord to Ornes. We’ll visit Urnes Stave Church, a beautiful church in an equally beautiful location. Along the way, there will be stops at a small museum, cosy cafés and a waterfall.
Day 7 - Ascend Mt Molden
With its summit at 1116 metres above sea level, a hike up mighty Mt Molden rewards our efforts with a fantastic view of the green fjord far below, the verdant landscape surrounding it and the mountain ranges and glacier in the background.
Day 8 - Get Even Deeper into the Country
We leave Skjolden and hit the road, pausing at Fjærland for a refreshing sauna by the fjord. After lunch, we’ll continue onward to another breathtaking mountain pass called “Old Strynfjellsroad” on one of the National Tourist Roads. Built by hand towards the end of the nineteenth century, today the road has characteristic guard stones standing along its edge, and some of the driving surface is still gravel — creating a sense of moving back in time. We reach the end of the road at Grotli, about 1000 metres above sea level, where we’ll check into a traditional mountain resort.
Day 9 - Kayak and Hike in Valldal
Early departure heading towards Geiranger and the well-known UNESCO World Heritage-listed fjord. We’ll stop briefly here before heading to the peaceful village of Valldal. Here we’ll meet our guide and kayak across the Tafjord, then hike up to an old farm with a great overlook onto this remote area — accessible only by kayak/boat or on foot. After Valldal, we continue our journey and will pass the spectacular Trollstigen (“troll ladder”) road, crisscrossing its way down the mountain through steep and twisting turns. We will arrive at a traditional farm where we’ll stay for the night.
Day 10 - Take Time to Unwind
A day to spend relaxing at the farm and reflecting on the experiences we have gathered from this trip. We’ll enjoy the scenery around the farm, kick back and eat good food. We can also go for excursions in the surrounding area which has plenty of sights to offer.
Day 11 - Journey’s End
We head out in the morning and drive back to Oslo to say our goodbyes.