Trysil in the Summer | Cycling, Rafting & Hiking

Trysil in the Summer | Cycling, Rafting & Hiking

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Nearby the Swedish border and just 2 hours away from Norway’s capital is the picturesque area of Trysil. Which is as a well renowned Norwegian skiing resort during the winter and a stunningly beautiful landscape in the summer. Visitors in the summer experience the alluring fresh green trails. Which are up to 100km natural and of 10km of handmade gravel trails! Subsequently, it also is home to a tranquil wild river, also many forests filled with fresh clean air and marvellous mountains. That makes this destination ideal for outdoor adventures. Our journey of Trysil in the summer will offer you just that!

Sustainable Trysil

Following in its neighbour’s footsteps (Oslo), this a sustainable town. During 2013 Tyrsil became certified as a sustainable destination aiming to decrease the negative effect on tourism.  The residents of Trysil strive their best not only to offer tourists an excellent experience but to preserve the local culture, nature and become economically viable.

Did you know, Trysil is Eco-Lighthouse certified?

Every restaurant in Trysil is “Eco-lighthouse” certified. This scheme allows enterprises to document and add environmental measures generation the operation of more environmentally friendly places. Every business that is certified is re-checked once every three years to see if they’re living up to the requirements.

Have we persuaded you yet? Trysil is the absolute place to go if you love the outdoors and  open-air sports activities. As well as a major sustainable focus. Here are a few things we have in place for you.

Trip Highlights

  • Pull on your active gear and bike the trails of Gullia. Don’t worry if you’ve not got much cycling skills there are many variations of trails dedicated to different abilities.
  • Enjoy the scenic views of Trysil from above by taking the skii lift in the summer accompanied by your bike.
  • Got a desire for advanced biking? You can even take your bike with you onto the ski-lift. Which will allow you to explore the breathtaking Norwegian mountains on wonderful sturdy constructed paths 1000 metres above sea level!
  • Visit the renowned Trysil mountain Trysilfjeller that is 1132 metres above sea-level.
  • Challenge yourself with the team rafting down the rapids
  • Encounter the magnificent Roa falls
  • Take an old-school cruise with MS Femunde gliding you across the serene water gateway of Norway’s second largest natural lake.
  • If time permits or you want to extend your stay visit Røros or Gutalia.

There’s never a moment to become bored here, whether its sustainable eco-light certified restaurants, spectacular scenery and ideal weather. Visit Trysil with us this summer. Enquire Today. 



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    Trysil in the Summer | Cycling, Rafting & Hiking
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Day 1: Welcome to Trysil
Ease yourself into the journey with some cycling!
If you're not sure about riding or haven't ridden in a while, take it at your own pace.  This is a good opportunity to cruise through Trysil's family-friendly bike trails of Gullia. Those trails have an epic stretch of up to 12 km with a variety of paths suited to different abilities colour coded between green and blue levels! After an exhausting adventurous day refuel with a delicious dinner this evening!    
Day 2: Take the ski-lift with your bike
Have you ever used a ski-lift? What about taking your bike into a ski-lift with you?
Be prepared, this is a moment for everything. As on the weekends during the summer in Trysil, it is possible for you to do to this on the ski-lift, Fjellekspressen.  Take all of nature in around you and appreciate the picturesque scenery of Trysil from above.
Reach the famous Trysil mountain Trysilfjeller that is 1132 metres above sea-level. Once at the top enter Fjellrunden at 13 km. Which will allow you to enjoy the trail around the mountain witnessing different forms of nature from your bike, with an elevation of 352 metres.
Adrenaline junkies, they even have you covered. Europas longest freeflow-paths are the ones for you and the magic moose 7km bike path. We recommend you make a stop at the Knettsetra for a lunch and embrace the Norwegian culture fully by treating yourself to a mouthwatering waffle.
Day 3: Rafting in Trysil
Have you ever thought or wanted to try rafting?
The beautiful rapid river of Trysil is more than 100km long and ideal for experiencing a new nature element. Join the team today and raft down 10km of rapids, challenge yourself and let your adrenaline rush carry you through the rapid. Then, before you end your activity have a hot meal in Lavo. On the contrary, if you do not like rafting there are many alternative water-sports available on the river such as paddling and surfing.
Maybe even try a completely new activity, make your time in Tyrsil memorable? Picture yourself being fully equipped with a wetsuit, life vest and helmet experiencing the canyon of Røa falls. Well, you can with a guide who will take you climbing, swimming, walking and even jumping in a safe manner.
On the evening travel to the county of Engerdal. It is a national park county consisting of both Femundsmarka and Gutulia. Which has more than 50 mountain peaks which are 1000 meters above sea level.    
Day 4: The lake Femunden
Devote your day to pure tranquillity and relaxation.
How? By sitting back and enjoying the slow travel with MS Fæmunden. Which will take you across Norway's biggest lake (not regulated), Femunden.
This ship is more than 100 years old, with a capacity of only 100 people. Passengers use the ship today as their transportation to the station points for great hikes and for recreational purposes. If you wish, grab something from its a small cosy cafe while you enjoy the peace of the lake that which surrounds you.
Is your dream to explore The UNESCO-listed mining town of Røros? Why not take the boat Fæmunden to the final destination and jump on the corresponding bus to Røros?! Included:
  • Travel across Norway's biggest lake on MS Fæmunden.


This journey will start and end in Trysil.
Throughout the journey you will visit old-school cruise with MS Femunde gliding you across the serene water gateway of Norway's second largest natural lake. In the location of Femundsmarka.

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