Protection of Children in Tourism

14 Sep

Protection of Children in Tourism

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As a company, we are very conscious of the various forms that exploitation can happen with children in the world of tourism. This can range from underage work all the way to sexual exploitation, and the company works actively with teams, and with our suppliers to work on best practices to ensure proper protection of Children in Tourism.

We are very conscious in the design of our trips to not include any sort of entertainment involving children and do not support any form of orphanage voluntourism.

For many years, we were signatories of the CODE – which is a coalition that works in the protection of Children from Sexual exploitation in tourism. Our teams are trained in this practice and while we are not signatories anymore, we totally endorse the principles mentioned here. We also still actively engage with the parent organisation – ECPAT International.


Raj is one of the co-owners at Ethical Travel Portal and looks at future strategies in the company. He is based out of Nepal, and is an expert on experiences in the South Asian part of the world!

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