Climate Action Plan

Our commitment to create more environmental friendly holidays in 2021
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3 Dec

Climate Action Plan

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Climate Action Plan | 2020 has indeed been a different year for everyone involved in the tourism industry. For Ethical Travel Portal, it has given us a chance to look forward and follow up on our Tourism Declares Declaration we joined through Tourism Declares Climate emergency initiative. We have spent time to create our action plan on how to reduce our carbon emission and create better and more environmentally friendly journeys.

We have always been on the lookout for experiences that are kind to the environment. It is in our DNA as an ethical travel company. We commit to act up on our action plan. If we fail to do so, we will be part of a greenwashing of our intentions. To be transparent and truthful to our words, we will by the end of 2021 evaluate and report on our efforts and our action plan commitment.

In 2021 through our climate action plan we pledge to…



We pledge to promote holidays that are kinder to the environment by;

Travel slow. Encourage people to do less trips per year, but when people travel, stay for a longer time. We encourage people to do one main holiday per year, and do it properly!

Immersive experiences. Longer stay in destinations, and less traveling around in the country. We aim on providing trips which includes fewer destinations with multiple nights. With immersive experiences and digging into the culture, it connects with local supply and short travelled products., 

Travel as a Local. Use local transportation where possible. Travel to and from the country by train or bus. We understand this is not always possible, but for regional travel where train, bus or ferries is an option, we encourage people to use those options. Utilize our skillset as local specialists to provide holidays where local transportation becomes part of the experiences vs only a means of getting from A to B.

Eat locally sourced food. Use restaurants that promote local ingredients. Inform travellers about seasonal fruit and veg, and how to be a less-travelled-food eater while on holiday.

Work proactive with local partners to provide climate friendly holidays. 



Paperless holidays. Providing e-vouchers and other material to be available on smartphones. Our office work will also continue to be paperless. 

No single use plastic. We aim on having no single use plastic on all our trips within 2021

Support Green Initiatives through GreenBox, our charity. These initiatives will be located in The Gambia and Nepal where we have physical presence. 

Help travellers to offset. 

Promote best practices from our suppliers, in our itineraries and our online magazine.



Promote green choices through our Inspiration Magazine. Our magazine is open to our readers and contributors. We will create a special section for stories related to climate change and improving operations to the better for nature and our surroundings. 

Publish one article per month about better climate choices. These articles will have topics as, f ex plastic, deforestation etc…

We do acknowledge that sometimes it is not always possible to provide green choices. In such cases, we will inform not only our travellers, but also our providers about better practises and use our activism to encourage better choices. And speak up, and give advice on how to.



We will be doing a pre-study on a Sustainability Monitoring System, which will be able to measure sustainable operation, impact and performance. We will also write a report and publish our progress by end of 2021.


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