Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

13 Sep

Our Commitment to Responsible Tourism

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Responsible Tourism is the backbone of our company and the principles have been guiding us from the first day of our establishment.

  • We work solely with partners who thoroughly practice responsible tourism. The journeys you see on our website, have been vetted by one of our team members where we use our own knowledge and experience to decide whether or not the local partner is a good fit for us, and vice versa!
  • We aim to educate travellers on responsible tourism and give them a transformative experience, where they also learn something to bring back home.
  • In our Logo, the circle is a gateway into ethical experiences and a world of ethical possibilities. This also symbolises mindfulness in travel that is not harmful to nature, local people and planet – creating transformative experiences for travellers.

Raj is one of the co-owners at Ethical Travel Portal and looks at future strategies in the company. He is based out of Nepal, and is an expert on experiences in the South Asian part of the world!

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