Hardangervidda and Hardangerfjord

A peaceful journey which takes you from Norway's capital to that shows you the two across mountains and stunning fjords. Finishing in Bergen.

Hardangervidda and Hardangerfjord

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Discover today Northern Europes largest mountain plateau the Hardangervidda. As well as one of the most beautiful areas of Norway the Hardangerfjord… 


You will begin your visit from our capital Oslo, one of the smallest – but fastest growing capitals in Europe. It is a very green and eco-friendly city which won the European green capital for 2019! As the city centre is small it’s convenient to reach any destination you wish via a form of eco-friendly transport such as a bicycle or their great public transport systems! It’s that compact you can easily walk. What’s outstanding about Oslo is that they are trying to eliminate cars and make the centre a car-free zone! Taking huge steps to fight climate change and improve the quality of life for residents. The ideologies of the residents of Oslo are inspiring enough to visit just to witness this in effect!

Because of the variations of things to do in Oslo we recommend spending a couple of days to get to know the city, either on your own or with a local expert. Your newfound local friend will lead you to off the beaten track to some hidden gems not known by the average tourist. Generating a completely unique experience.


One of the best ways to see Norway is by rail and on this trip, you will travel by rail on the Bergen railway from Oslo to the sustainable peaceful mountain village of Geilo. The village has been an early advocate of sustainability and during 2017 they prioritised a comprehensive plan covering 10 sustainable principles you can view here. They cover a range of topics from managing waste more efficiently, improve job quality for locals, preserving nature (especially wild reindeers) and promoting Geilo’s cultural wealth. A tranquil destination to take it easy and unwind on the mountain.


You will reach the municipality of Eidjord in the district of Hardanger by bus. Eidfjord is the connecting point between Hardangervidda and Hardangerfjord. Here you can be at one with culture and the nature that pieces together the striking scenery you see. That is the mountain and the fjord binding together. Whilst you are there, it’s vital you visit the Vøringfossen Waterfall one of the most natural visited sights in the whole of Norway. Noted by FjordNorway the waterfall is free-flowing from 145 metres and a total fall of 182 metres. The best time to visit is outside of season between May-October. No trip to Eidfjord is complete without visiting the Vøringfossen Waterfall.


You fortunate traveller will be travelling by the famous fjord cruise from Eidfjord to Utne. This is a quaint picturesque village which has seen travellers passing for hundreds of years. This village is particularly famous for its fruit and immaculately clean streets! Whilst you are here, make sure you check out the Hardanger museum one of the oldest museums of its type in the area of Western Norway. Moreover, why don’t you tease your tastebuds by trying tastings of the local cider! Utne is well worth a stopover for a couple of days.


The last stop on your journey is the capital of the West, Bergen. A city amongst seven mountains and a UNESCO world heritage site. Likewise, during 2017 it was voted as one of the best cities in Europe, by Condé Nast Traveler’s readers. The ancient Hanseatic city is a beautiful destination. Bergen is an enchanting city with a history tracing back to its Viking origins providing fascinating stories! Similarly, the best way to learn about those encaptivating stories is through your local expert. They will lead you through the many alluring narrow streets and let you get to know the local people!

Trip Highlights:

  • Discover Oslo with a local
  • A scenic train journey from Oslo to Geilo
  • Experience mountain life in the quaint mountain village of Geilo
  • Explore Geilo on foot or by bike
  • Learn first hand about the crafts, the ways of people and food of Eidfjord
  • Take the famous fjord cruise from Hardangerfjord to Utne
  • Enjoy a cider tasting experience in Utne
  • Experience Bergen with a local

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  • Destination
  • Departure
    Oslo / Bergen or vv.
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    On request
  • Included
    Hardangervidda and Hardangerfjord
    Bed & Breakfast
  • Not Included
    Local Guide
Arrive Oslo and be Welcomed by a Local
Welcome to Norway and Oslo!
Take time to appreciate the capital of Norway, that has around 650,000 inhabitants. A small but incredibly interesting capital dating all the way back to its founding by King Harald Hardrade during 1049. However, scientists have found evidence of earlier life including Christian burials near the ruins of St. Clement's church which date back to 1000. During the year 2000, Oslo celebrated 1000 years! There is a lot of history to be preserved, told and celebrated!
Modern Day Oslo-In contrast to its ancient history, the modern day life in Oslo is also pretty spectacular. Stand there and take in the clean air from the cities efforts to dramatically reduce pollution in the centre. You may be surprised to notice very little cars yet more bicycles and public transport in operation. The efforts made to reduce pollution and tackle climate change is part of the reason why Oslo has won the European green capital for 2019! Surrounding the city is gorgeous green scenery which is mainly forests areas and public parks. What's amazing is that many businesses such as hotels, restaurants, tech firms and many others are working in unison to make it an eco-friendly city.
How do I travel around Oslo? Due to its compactness and the lack of cars, it's an easy city to get around. If you wish you can simply walk from one side to the other. However, as a visitor, you may not have time to walk all over, so we suggest you make use of the local transportation system. The team, underground and buses make it easy to commute with a travel card. You can gain free access to public transport on the likes of buses,tram, underground and local trains with an Oslo pass! To find out more check out Ruter or visit the public transport information centre in front of the central station.
What to do in Oslo? The list of activities in Oslo are endless ranging from opera, ballet, spas, biking, museums, restaurants and many more! We advise you to check out what's happening in Oslo at Visit Oslo.    
Get to know Oslo from a Local
 There is no better way to discover a new place than with a local! Especially, a local from Oslo...
Doing this, you will be transported to off the beaten track destinations, listen to captivating stories, discover about the culture and places locals like to visit. Simply, become a local for half a day!
You may experience some hidden secrets you would not have found on your own. Engage yourself from the old history to the modern day. This is a transformative walk that may change your understanding of Oslo, as you will get a real authentic experience fresh from a locals perspective. All of these walks are truly unique and can also be tailored to your liking!
Afterwards, spend the rest of the day at your leisure. 
  • Tour of Oslo with a local
By train to Geilo Mountain Village
Rise and Shine, say good morning to your surroundings!
Enjoy a very early breakfast, before you make your way to the train station. Then take time to appreciate the train journey from Oslo to Geilo, a mountain village located midway between Oslo and Bergen. You will arrive around midday.
Geilo is mostly known as a famous ski resort during the winter season. However, spring to autumn season is just as fun. It's a superb place for hiking, rafting, horseback riding, fishing, biking and many more outdoor mountain activities. The destination is extremely picturesque and cosy hosting a few shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, small cinema, library, school and many other little shops.
If you have time, check out Geilojordet a heritage property with a peaceful yard and ancient buildings!
  • Train journey from Oslo to Geilo
Experience the Mountains
Good morning Norway! Devour your breakfast and enjoy your very early start to the day.
Next, explore Geilo by foot, on bike or in its gorgeous lakes. Did you know, Geilo is the starting point to two mesmerising national parks?
Hallingskarvet National Park which is characterised by steep cliffs and shelters stunning arctic foxes. Second, is Hardangervidda National Park which is a gigantic plateau, wild reindeer herds, numerous lakes and rivers.
Hardangervidda is the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe.

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By Bus to Eidfjord, end of Hardangerfjord
Wake up feeling rejuvenated in Geilo and spend the morning here.
Then make your way to the bus that will take you to Eidfjord. Be prompt!  As the bus will depart at 12:00pm (this is not included,you will have to pay for in cash on the spot).
Given the correct circumstances you will arrive in Eidfjord around 13:45pm.
Upon arrival, the rest of the day is at your own disposal. Eidfjord is a tiny village located at the food of the Hardangervidda and at the end of Hardangerfjord. It's a great destination if you choose to be active or want to just relax. An excellent place packed with culture, scrumptious food and welcoming villagers!
As well as an ideal starting point for trips on the Hardangervidda.      
Day at own disposal in Eidfjord
Lucky you, today you have the whole day free to yourself, again!
Today you decide your activities whether you want to have an active outdoor life surrounded by nature on the waterfront or in the mountains. Eidfjord is the kingdom of real mountain people. We advise socialising with them as they are extremely hospitable! Perhaps you'll learn a thing or two about their culture and history! Make sure you take the time to appreciate the authentic local food of Eidfjord.
Why don't you relax by the lake, fjord, go swimming or bask in the glorious Norwegian sun.
There are lots of activities to do in Eidfjord, we recommend to check out their site here:

© Hardangervidda Nature Center in Eidfjord

Cruise Hardangerfjord to Utne
Take pleasure with a scrumptious breakfast before spending the rest of your morning in the morning in Eidfjord.
This afternoon you will leave Eidfjord via the sea on a famous fjord cruise to Utne!  Get your camera ready as you'll be cruising through the stunning fjord for approximately 2 hours.
Upon arrival, you will pay a visit to the Utne Hotel. No trip to Utne is complete without passing by! It's one of Norway's oldest hotels. During 1722, Peder Larsson Børsem was provided with his innkeeper's license. Since then travellers have found board and lodgings there.
Utne is also famous for its quaint harbour, cosy village, clean streets and greenery.
  • Fjord Cruise
  • Daytime visit to the Utne Hotel

Historical Utne Hotel
© Matt Coch

Explore Utne & Cider Tasting
Spend the day at your ease in the gorgeous area of Utne!
In the evening - enjoy cider tasting!
Have you ever tried local ciders from Hardanger? Apples have been growing in the area since the 13th century! Manufacturing cider and apple juice has become a long tradition in Utne.
“Cider from Hardanger” is the first Norwegian alcoholic beverage to obtain the protection label of: Protected designation of origin. The cider should contain between 3% and 12% of alcohol by volume, and must be produced by members of the “Hardanger cider production party” within the seven municipalities of Hardanger: Eidfjord, Granvin, Jondal, Kvam, Odda, Ulvik or Ullensvang. Cold pressed apples from Hardanger and wild-yeast/cider-yeast is the base of the cider.
Join our epic cider tasting,experience the diversity of tastes and products. Discover the local history and culture of Utne.
  • Cider tasting in Utne
Cruise and Bus to Bergen
Today during the late afternoon you will make your way to Bergen by boat (the same one you arrived on a couple of days back). You will arrive at Norheimsund which will give you time to connect with the bus that is heading back to Bergen.
The bus will lead you to an arrival in Bergen around 19:10 PM.
  • Boat to Norheimsund
  • Bus to Bergen

Hardanger by Cycle
© Sverre Hjørnevik / Fjord Norway AS

Bergen as a Local before Departure
Remember your local friend you met on the first evening?
Today, he/she will show you some hidden secrets of Bergen which mostly only locals know about. Prepare for more of their fine stories. Make sure you use your time wisely by providing us with feedback based on your experience. As well as any questions that you may have collected during the last few days.
This afternoon, say your goodbyes as it's time to depart Norway. Have a safe journey and we look forward to welcoming you again another time.
  • Tour of Bergen by a local guide



This journey will begin in Norway's capital Oslo, the green capital of Europe for 2019. Here you will be spending a few days familiarising yourself with a local guide and exploring off the beaten track destinations.
Next you will take the train from Oslo to Geilo. Spending a day and a half there.
Then you will take a bus from Geilo to Eidfjord arriving in the afternoon. You have a further day spare there before taking a cruise on the Hardangerfjord to Utne.
Spend a day at your disposal in Utne before taking the same cruise back to Norheimsund. Then a bus to your final destination, Bergen.