Why You Must Travel To Karasjok Northern Norway

19 Apr

Why You Must Travel To Karasjok Northern Norway

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Imagine a composed serene village to the North of Norway filled with huskies, alluring scenery, charming locals and beautiful wildlife. That place is Karasjok. Travel to Karasjok, an epic off the beaten path destination.


This incredible place resides in Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway. During Autumn I was fortunate to spend a couple of days here.  The village is home to many forms of wildlife, visitNorway even note there is approximately 60,000 deer grazing on fertile land in Autumn and winter! Because this village is so remote, locals provide a warmly welcome.

Getting to Karasjok

Karasjok is in the heart of Finnmark country, and can easily be connected with North Cape, Kirkenes, Northern Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Most reach Karasjok by car. This is what I did, I rented a car and drove the few hours from Alta. Also if you are driving, I’d advise visiting in the summer or autumn, before the snowfall. If you are driving, you have the freedom to stop anywhere for nature gazing or buying local souvenirs.

If you do not wish to drive, there is a public bus from various destinations. The nearest airport is t is Lakserelv, about one hour drive away from Karasjok.

The best time to travel 

Luckily, Karasjok and Finnmark have something to offer all year round! This ranges from beautiful hikes in the summer and autumn. As well as hunting the Northern Lights in the winter. Do your research prior, to check when sunrise and sunset occurs. So you don’t miss out on these wonderful opportunities!

Aboriginal Settlers

Karasjok, is also the headquarter of the Sami people. Who are an indigenous group preserving Norway’s oldest culture. The Sami people speak a language part of the Uralic linguistic group. The fact they are indigenous is a reason alone why it’s mandatory to get to know about them better and help preserve the fascinating Sami culture.

If you are to travel to Karasjok I’d recommend you check out the Sami Parlament “Sametinget”. This is an official representative body of those of the Sami heritage. Alongside learning about the history you get to witness the unique modern architecture erected in 2005. Not forgetting Sami Park a cultural green park where you can learn how the Sami have been living for generations and up until today, culture and traditions.

My Adventure

I visited a Sami family which gave me an extremely insightful introduction to their life in today`s society.

Engholm Husky Lodge

During my venture, I visited Engholm Husky Lodge. This place is an experience on its own; the cabins are full of intricate details and impressively constructed by its remarkable host, Sven. He built the entire lodge himself, including the inventory!  Visitors of the lodge spend hours admiring his creation!

Meeting The Huskies

I recall sitting inside my cabin looking out of my bedroom window, watching the Huskies eagerly waiting to greet me. Once outside, we took them for a husky hike! It was delightful seeing the puppies actively running around and having fun. Autumn is a perfect time to connect with the dogs. Similarly, exploring how the dogs are taught valuable skills such as to be polite and strong.

Each year, the newly born are named relating to a particular theme. At the time of my visit, they were named after the Sami.  Winter is also a great season to be around these amazing animals. As you can join them fora multi-day adventure crammed with lasting memories of the Norwegian wilderness.

At one point, I was tempted to take the canoe across the river which floats throw the municipality. Likewise, if you can, hire a guide you will discover extraordinary stories from a local!

Did you know, that the town Karasjok actually got its name after the river?

Breakfast at the Lodge

To this day, I still fantasize about breakfast at the lodge! A true authentic Norwegian homecooked breakfast. Which incorporated local ingredients such as blueberry jam (from the local forest); traditional Norwegian “Brunost” (brown cheese) and goats cheese that travellers often comment on due to its caramel taste. All of this was served with tasty slices of bread.

Dinner at the Lodge

Three knocks at my door and signalling to me dinner was ready. I walked into their dining cabin to discover it only sat eight people which made the dining experience even more intimate. Similar to the breakfast the dinner is based solely on local ingredients which deliver a magical and wild taste trickling your tastebuds.

During the dinner, we were accompanied by our host who was on hand making sure we had everything we required. Later that evening, Sven told us how he got the idea about building the lodge. Also how everyone at the lodge tackles the rough winter season in the Norwegian wilderness.

Those stories made the evening fly by so quickly, then before I knew it, it was time to say goodnight. Back in my cabin, I looked outside my window and seen the Northern lights. During the hours of 22:00-1:00 AM the lights were dancing their good night for me.

Which topped the experience for me.

Karasjok is a magical destination to travel to in Northern Norway. A must visit, for those who like to travel off the beaten path to the average tourist. Its history and landscapes are fascinating. So much culture of the charming Sami people still in its original form which needs to be preserved. If you’re lucky you may see the Northern lights and play with the cute husky pups. With that said, I reccomend you to travel to Karasjok a destination like no other…

Ingrid Thornes,

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